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Is it safe to give my Social Security number over the phone?

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Liz Kramer

Subject: social security number
Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:56 pm  

I gave my social security number to a financial counselor Wayne Sanford was that the right thing to do?

Subject: social security number
Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:58 pm  

I did something stupid and gave my social security number to a financial counselor do you think something bad will happen?

Posted on Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:21 am  

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Posted on Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:32 am  

celebrate our amazing seniors on National Seniors Day

sunday, oct. 1,Is the unusual Day of the Older Person and National Seniors Day, A day set aside in the year to acknowledge the many advantages of seniors worldwide. it would be your dad, your own mom, a grandparent, Or maybe it's you we are celebrating.

at your workplace of the Seniors Advocate, We focus on systemic issues that affect a large numbers of seniors. We tackle housing and health reform, Gaps in home guidance, Income support and conveyance. So much of our work looks at what's wrong if engaging in seniors, But today I want to spotlight what's right. And what is right are the truly astounding qualities I see in seniors as I travel to every corner of the province meeting with seniors face to face.

Today I urge you to ceremonialize the courage of seniors. The 80 year old woman with severe osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis who braves driving rain, But still walks several kilometres go back the grocery story to get supplies for dinner. The father who decides to become a college student for the first time at 70. The widowed grandparent who steps up to parent a grandchild after parenting five kids of her own.

Today is a day to consecrate the selflessness of seniors. In virtually every sector of society it's easy to see this in action. Individual seniors want to help in the diverse communities they live in. in StatsCan, Canadians 65 as well as over, Volunteer usually 220 hours per year, rather than any age group. They do it not for their resumes or for graduation really needs, They do it primarily, given that get a deep satisfaction from helping others. One look at the composition of our service groups tells us this kind of giving is being lost in the future.

What I am also reflecting on today is the profound commitment and tenacity I see in some of the seniors I meet. I think the wife who traveled hours each day by bus to be with her husband at mealtimes. I can see the letter I received from an 83 year old man who is caring for his wife with severe dementia, Declining home support saying he just wants to be the one to put her to bed each night. The seniors I hear from know what they need and many of them are willing to fight, And fight hard to get what they feel they and their loved ones deserve.

I'd like us to also acknowledge another extraordinary quality that so many of our older citizens possess an incredible ability to adapt to change, Not just small shifts in the way circumstances are done, But dramatic social change on a global scale. the range and magnitude of change that our older population has experienced is almost unfathomable from moldova beauty streetcars to high speed trains, Brooms to hoover robots, Inkwells to ipads, Courtship to dating foreign girls, And the list goes on.

the personal contributions of our seniors could fill this newspaper for decades to come. It's these unique experiences of the older people in your life I invite you to celebrate today. Seniors are not however. Their likes and dislikes, Choices and needs are as alternative at 80, As we were looking at at 18. Today we aren't enjoying "seniors" We are celebrating Edna, Bev, Mohinder, Walter and an additional 816,000 amazing individuals who happen to be over 65 living in this province. On this present day, We say a heartfelt thank you to anything you offer all of us.

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