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Is it safe to give my Social Security number over the phone?

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Liz Kramer

Subject: social security number
Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:56 pm  

I gave my social security number to a financial counselor Wayne Sanford was that the right thing to do?

Subject: social security number
Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:58 pm  

I did something stupid and gave my social security number to a financial counselor do you think something bad will happen?

Posted on Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:21 am  

sexual 70 years old wives

This is an additional amount with all the slim more elderly moms collection. If you find attractive appreciating all the georous 50 yr old young women, and / or maybe captivating 60 years old the women, twenty-four hours a day check out. also there is a sexy previous adult males group, when you're so inclined. these, we live oohing together with ahhing of these . if you're younger as compared to 30, did you know know each of them quite possibly it's best to become familiar, As all QPID NETwork smart actresses in their own right.

anne FondaWhen i believed i was a young child, i had no idea that jane Fonda was probably an celebrity. seemed she was simply that training young lady from excellent single parent's video cassettes. that a lot of affected when i what food was in my 20s and moreover ignited noticing a large amount of TMC. to become a good Robert Redford buff, and that i was floored to see her in without running shoes neighborhood. the spouse already been attractive, qpid network And if you just think about some of her most recent photo and shows, los angeles injury lawyers more than a little outrageous tips on how properly she's got ancient.

therefore, i do have nearly always well-known that may seemed to be to. your daughter was being superb as Uhura, after all, unfortunately i got taken aback to see her aiming as elegant as lindsay still is over characters.

that experts claim attractive off white scalp because of hers, that may glorious skin tone, those particular enthralling tender. I guarantee captain Kirk retains the hots on her kinda possess mash on her behalf, professionally!

Shirley MacLaineOk. I'll boost the comfort plus proclaim in no way thought amazingly considered Shirley MacLaine as a sexual intimacies symbol. your normally was "insanely nice" For that sort of track record.

not too I do not think the girl was seen as particularly typically employed loyal that aura which entails the lady rendering it hard to foretell quad highs in in addition to a corset, If do you know what I mean.

pulling an excellent, vivid presenter despite the fact that. difficulties, unneeded. as well as you peer at images the actual mother, she has age quite well. your daughter glows, can't you? and therefore hairs color or purity clearly agrees with your wife's. pleasing.

Posted on Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:32 am  

celebrate our amazing seniors on National Seniors Day

sunday, oct. 1,Is the unusual Day of the Older Person and National Seniors Day, A day set aside in the year to acknowledge the many advantages of seniors worldwide. it would be your dad, your own mom, a grandparent, Or maybe it's you we are celebrating.

at your workplace of the Seniors Advocate, We focus on systemic issues that affect a large numbers of seniors. We tackle housing and health reform, Gaps in home guidance, Income support and conveyance. So much of our work looks at what's wrong if engaging in seniors, But today I want to spotlight what's right. And what is right are the truly astounding qualities I see in seniors as I travel to every corner of the province meeting with seniors face to face.

Today I urge you to ceremonialize the courage of seniors. The 80 year old woman with severe osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis who braves driving rain, But still walks several kilometres go back the grocery story to get supplies for dinner. The father who decides to become a college student for the first time at 70. The widowed grandparent who steps up to parent a grandchild after parenting five kids of her own.

Today is a day to consecrate the selflessness of seniors. In virtually every sector of society it's easy to see this in action. Individual seniors want to help in the diverse communities they live in. in StatsCan, Canadians 65 as well as over, Volunteer usually 220 hours per year, rather than any age group. They do it not for their resumes or for graduation really needs, They do it primarily, given that get a deep satisfaction from helping others. One look at the composition of our service groups tells us this kind of giving is being lost in the future.

What I am also reflecting on today is the profound commitment and tenacity I see in some of the seniors I meet. I think the wife who traveled hours each day by bus to be with her husband at mealtimes. I can see the letter I received from an 83 year old man who is caring for his wife with severe dementia, Declining home support saying he just wants to be the one to put her to bed each night. The seniors I hear from know what they need and many of them are willing to fight, And fight hard to get what they feel they and their loved ones deserve.

I'd like us to also acknowledge another extraordinary quality that so many of our older citizens possess an incredible ability to adapt to change, Not just small shifts in the way circumstances are done, But dramatic social change on a global scale. the range and magnitude of change that our older population has experienced is almost unfathomable from moldova beauty streetcars to high speed trains, Brooms to hoover robots, Inkwells to ipads, Courtship to dating foreign girls, And the list goes on.

the personal contributions of our seniors could fill this newspaper for decades to come. It's these unique experiences of the older people in your life I invite you to celebrate today. Seniors are not however. Their likes and dislikes, Choices and needs are as alternative at 80, As we were looking at at 18. Today we aren't enjoying "seniors" We are celebrating Edna, Bev, Mohinder, Walter and an additional 816,000 amazing individuals who happen to be over 65 living in this province. On this present day, We say a heartfelt thank you to anything you offer all of us.

Subject: belarus dating site
Posted on Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:57 am  

european womans are almost always the lord's tool for apologizing for the next wind storm

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Subject: hot russian women
Posted on Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:16 am  

The tyranny of personals choice

The amorously pathetic urbanite, The one with a full dance card but an empty love life, Is as well-known as Seinfeld or Carrie Bradshaw. when looking at choices, Humans tend to give the thumbs down to the first third of their options before making a choice. Ergo, "you will need reject the first 30% of all the people you date, And then you marry the one who provides great progress over all the ones you dated before, And if you reside in a place with a few million people, perfectly, "the more expensive the pool, The more people you will need reject, More people it's important to date and evaluate and then reject,Kanazawa isn't the first to indicate the potentially sabotaging tyranny of choice. People think maybe there is something better out there, (Subtext: there's not.) It's a theory also embraced in the title says it all book by Jimi Izrael, "The Denzel amount owed: Why Black Women can't find Good Black Men,

The idea that a glut of options the kind we city folk skip over when we're choosing where to get pizza tonight or where to get laid make us unhappy first gathered steam via Barry Schwartz's 2004 book "The Paradox of preference: Why a bit more Is Less, within it, Schwartz explains what anyone who's ever wasted an evening channel surfing knows that hot russian mom the sneaky suspicion that something fantastic is around the corner can keep you from enjoying what you've got right in front of you.

But on the subject of matters of the heart, Who says this supposed "hardship" Is limited by city folk? As Gottlieb has listed, Online dating is centered on that veritable buffet of choices. At her some, She outlined how some sites, In the internal of iTunes and Amazon, Will recommend people you might like based on other profiles you saw. click on, view, Click it's channel searching, nevertheless for tail.

the idea of "Maximizers, Those souls eternally unhappy even when it's raining men, truly has merit, Even if it does seem to get invoked a lot to chastise women for being so picky. That's not to say they don't exist everybody has the friend who's quick to dismiss a guy for a misspelled e mail or not being tall enough. (And let's not forget the man who strings you along with an eye to upgrade, shall we?)

there's deeper questions, in addition, To looked into here. First, Let's relieve idea that playing the field is a miserable, Self defeating time spent. with regard to many, Dating a thousand people before obtaining on that mythic one sounds nightmarish. folks, utilize natural ones,it is very common freaking awesome. Kissing a lot of frogs is only grim when you're doing so in a bid to pair off for eternity. customarily it's just nice to, As a colleague calls it, "Frankendate" A circle of lovers without fretting that one will complete you as a human being.

Now let's think about all the people crammed in at those Lori Gottlieb readings, The ones who say they prefer to meet the right person, But keep placing out. But that you understand, Maybe not each of these "Maximizers" Who are out there turning down the guy in the bow tie wish to all of that. It's easier to keep up the appearance, Even to oneself, Of being on a captivating quest for true love than admitting, yes, honestly, I might prefer what I have actually. Being in a real romance with a fellow flawed individual isn't all picnics and reliable sex; It's also painful and fraught with annoyance. It's not for all of us. But that will not sell books.

Consider also the geography specific personalities that factor in when it comes to as sticky a wicket as romance. if you in a city, possibly enjoy variety you're good maximizer material. if you live in the little town where you grew up, You're likelier to be a satisficer to make your choices and not second guess them much. You may also have some criteria for a mate than someone who's hobnobbing with Lady Gaga tonight. Which type has a higher chance of reaching that diamond anniversary with a high school sweetheart? you tell me.

along with, There are many city folk who sincerely do want and enjoy coupledom. And a whole raft of research on the science of happiness shows that if that's what you're truly after, Perpetually pecking around won't achieve their purpose. in that way, I actually go along with Kanazawa and Gottlieb. it really is, but, It's time anytime crunching the numbers, We freed ourselves from the idea that dating has to be some conveyer belt of hopeless suck, something people who get around more are doing wrong. Giving yourself over to love shouldn't mean lowering your standards or limiting your hopes; It just means you should be willing to quit shopping. But if there's just a thing we urbanites know, It's simple fact that shopping part can be pretty damn fun.
latin girlsgcy

Posted on Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:01 am  

Gay church prays for significant Kenya ruling

A lesbian church leader lamps pink, pink, And purple candles and passes them around to worshippers as they pray for a court decision that will mean they no longer have to live a lie.

"The Lord is responsible, she says, As swaying congregants shout out "wining, And an artist shuts his eyes in prayer, His fingers dancing across a keyboard laid on a table engrossed in a rainbow flag.

The modern Affirming Church (CAC) Is a rare space where Kenya's LGBT community can escape lack of control from society, Which is often reflected in hatred and vitriol from religious pulpits.

Dozens of LGBT churchgoers and their allies crammed into a tiny room Sunday to worship ahead of Friday's often times historic decision by Kenya's High Court on whether laws that criminalise homosexuality are unconstitutional.

"When this law is struck down it can be a huge kind of liberation for us, Like a burden has been removed from our shoulders, Said jake Ochara, Who made it easier to found the church in 2013.

'Police within our bedrooms'

Kenya's colonial era laws echo those in more than half of Africa's countries, Where homosexuality is unlawful. Being gay can even result in the death penalty in Mauritania, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and sections of Somalia.

One section of the penal code says that all those who have "Carnal practice. the actual order of nature" Can be jailed for 14 years, While another often see one land in jail for five years for "Indecent facilities between males,

"The law specifies 'in public or private' which essentially allows police to enter our bedrooms to analyze these crimes, cited Eric Gitari, The co founder of the National gay and lesbian girls in colombia Human Rights Council (NGLHRC), one of the few petitioners.

Imani Kimiri throughout the NGLHRC's legal team, Told AFP her office completed 15 prosecutions under the laws in 2018, But cannot recall the last conviction slamming process as "Just an irritating endeavour,

throughout the 2014, A government report to appease parliament's anti gay caucus reported some 600 prosecutions over three years.

of course, Gitari said 70 percent of these folks were "Conflated" And some grown to be cases of child rape, Bestiality or even traffic offenses.

the prevailing fear is the persecution that the laws allow.

"as a result law you fear blackmail, You phobia extortion, You fear violence. while there is no law protecting you, And legislation is against you, proclaimed Arthur Owiti, Who plays laptop keyboards in church.

Blackmailed by within the internet dates

The NGLHRC in 2017 recorded an increase when people using online dating applications such as Grindr end up being blackmailed or extorted, Often by organised gangs who work with the police.

"when you are a date online you have to ask them security questions so you don't fall into a trap, recounted Owiti.

And those who're blackmailed, Evicted, shot, Expelled at school, Or assaulted over their sexual direction, can't seem to access justice because it means "Confessing to an offence, agreed Gitari.

While Gitari take into account recent court decisions as cause for optimism, Most activists agree that even if the court rules in their favour it will be tied up in appeals for the near future.

In March last year the High Court banned forced anal testing of men assumed of being gay.

And in september a court ruled that "Rafiki" (pet), A film about a lesbian love affair, Could be processed for seven days after its initial banning.

cameras precedent

Kenya's decision could reverberate during the continent, Where several countries are facing challenges to similar the legislation.

Mozambique minted down anti gay laws in 2015, And Angola decriminalised homosexuality in present cards. Botswana is predicted to hear a case against its laws in March.

"The law considered means of changing society, proclaimed Gitari.

"Politically there is a chance for African states to assert themselves in their grounding of justice which is inclusive of LGBT persons without necessarily having to give in to political pressure, that external,

your court case, Local experts testified on the of homosexuality in Kenya often decried as a colonial import by politicians and also leaned on a decision decriminalising homosexuality in India last year.

Posted on Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:24 am  

Boeing CEO calls working with of 737 Max crashes a

Trump up-to-date news information: President pollsters over results as Fox News survey has him trailing every single major Democratic candidateDonald Trump re election team have cut ties with several pollsters after survey outcome was leaked to the press indicating the president would lose to his Democratic rivals in four key battleground states in 2020. Those leaks have been and some more worrisome news for the incumbent: A new poll from Fox News finds him 10 situations behind Joe Biden, Nine behind Bernie Sanders and also forecast to lose in theoretical match ups with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and as well Pete Buttigieg. The earthquake struck away from city of Yibin in Sichuan province Monday at a depth of 16 kilometres (10 long distances), according to the China Earthquake Networks Center. "I online dating ukraine encourage by even though he is now against the Hyde Amendment, Ocasio Cortez told ABC Jonathan Karl when mentioned Biden reversalon the issue. Sent a jet carrier strike group and other military assets to the region in what it says is defensive posturing against alleged Iranian threats. when others chefs are content to smashing cloves with a knife and peel individual cloves, Others opt for the shaking method or invest in a garlic press that doesn require peeling. then, There a new summation to the garlic peeling bag of tricks, One that some home cooks were not yet privy to.USA TODAYYoung bear was fed by humans and had many Officials say they had to kill itA young black bear was shot and killed by state officials after becoming so habituated to humans that the fans could get close enough to take selfies with him. begin June 4, Washington County Sheriff Office and the Oregon Department of Fish began receiving calls and seeing social media posts with the bear in standard Scoggins Valley Park near Henry Hagg Lake. Planemaker engine supplier revealed a delay impacting on its all new 777X jet, While Airbus targeted center of the market with a rival plane. GE Aviation said it had found unexpected wear in portion for the GE9X engine it is making for Boeing 777X, the modern world largest twin engined jet, Forcing a delay of many months while it redesigns and tests the part. The victims included civilians and members of the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces who died while doing extinguish the blazes since Saturday, The the united kingdom based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Army is on an intensive quest for an array of new technologies with which to design and build new armored fighting vehicles, Particularly a replacement for the long serving Bradley. The Army updated main battle tank, these Abrams, Is the tank into the future. The Army is just beginning to receive the first of the latest Abrams upgrade, The System change Package Version 3 (SEPv3), With additional upgrades in progression.Don bother replacing Sarah Sanders there no pointThe imminent resignation of Sarah Sanders as Donald Trump press secretary marks one other departure from a White House that treats chaos as its modus operandi. regarding the left, There is logical crowing Sanders, Like her predecessor Sean Spicer, Often lied to the press and served as a mouthpiece for an management that has made it its mission to punish immigrants and the poor. the cut, Which began right after 7:00 i am, Also triggered short, localised losses of power in Paraguay, But didn impact Tierra del Fuego in Argentina extreme south because the region is not part of the national system. The trespassing occurred on Saturday afternoon, When the office was closed and the liberal firebrand was in miami. Japan Foreign Ministry said it lodged a protest with Beijing after a Chinese maritime research ship was seen dropping a wire like object into the water off the northwestern coast of Japanese controlled Senkaku islands on Sunday. network, State news agency Xinhua said on saturday, Amid worsening relations between China and the country. The inquiry was aimed at sending a message that any economic entity in China should abide by the country laws and regulations, It said in a remarks. "China is willing to share the ventures in its courier market with foreign investors.

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