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JOINED:  4 May 2008
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Posts by DebtFreeInFl
Posting date Subject
Posted: Tue May 6 8:04:05 2008 good Lord, My account was in Pa. in that time ..
Posted: Tue May 6 7:52:52 2008 I am paying NCO right now, the people seem nice ..
Posted: Tue May 6 7:45:32 2008 I have had no problems with CA's removing their ..
Posted: Tue May 6 7:32:08 2008 It is Macy's, they should up on my TransUnion. ..
Posted: Tue May 6 7:27:18 2008 Take this question to the debt forum they will ..
Posted: Tue May 6 7:13:26 2008 Here is the situation with the school loan. i ..
Posted: Mon May 5 1:06:33 2008 1 . If the school loans are assumed as gone by ..
Posted: Mon May 5 1:03:22 2008 I check every month, or try to. quarterly at the ..
Posted: Sun May 4 11:23:36 2008 Hello Everyone, This is my story. I have some ..

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