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JOINED:  12 March 2009
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Posts by Determined
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Posted: Mon Mar 16 8:28:51 2009 He already filed the 1099c when we did our income ..
Posted: Fri Mar 13 1:07:18 2009 Okay my hubby received a 1099-c from original ..
Posted: Fri Mar 13 9:07:59 2009 thanks for the advise I'll will make sure to ..
Posted: Fri Mar 13 9:06:06 2009 This is what I do and it's working out really ..
Posted: Fri Mar 13 8:18:13 2009 I currently have 1 charge off for 60 dollars and ..
Posted: Fri Mar 13 6:49:32 2009 Thank you guys so much, I'm in the process of ..
Posted: Thu Mar 12 10:38:03 2009 I would like to know if I send out a Validation ..

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