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Home level FIA CSNA: What to do if it is listed in your credit report?

FIA CSNA: What to do if it is listed in your credit report?

Who is FIA CSNA?

FIA card service is one of the leading credit card providers in the United States. It was founded as MBNA (Maryland Bank, N.A, a subsidiary of Maryland National Bank) in 1982. In January of 2006, MBNA became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America. On June 06, MBNA was renamed FIA Card Services, National Association and in October 2006, Bank of America and National Association (a subsidiary of Bank of America) merged to form FIA card services.

What to do if FIA CSNA is listed in your credit report?

If you find FIA CSNA on your credit report, it means that you owe money to Bank of America for a credit card debt, and so you should first ask FIA Card services to validate your debt. In order to validate the debt, you should send them a debt validation letter via fax or certified mail requesting a return receipt, and wait for their response. If they validate your debt within 30 days of receiving of your letter, you should contact them to negotiate a repayment agreement and pay off the debt. Always try to get a Pay for deletion agreement if your debt is validated, so that as soon as you pay off the debt in full, the negative listing gets removed from your credit report and your credit score improves.

Where to send the debt validation letter?

If you want to get in touch with FIA card services, you can call at their toll free customer care number 24/7 at 1-800-732-9194 . You can send the debt validation letter to FIA card services at:

FIA Card Services
1100 N. King Street
Wilmington, DE 19884

What services are offered by FIA CSNA?

FIA Card Services, National Association back their products with qualitative services governed by US laws. These cards are endorsed by hundreds of financial institutions throughout United States for FIA's long and consistent history of quality financial service. FIA card service is basically a credit card company that develops a wide range of attractive credit cards to suit the customer's needs, ranging from businessmen, salaried employees, and students.

How can you benefit from FIA CSNA's services?

To get a credit card from FIA card services with a low introductory rate, all you need is a good credit history. The card comes with a large number of online services like viewing accounts online, bill payment, tracking expenditure, etc. Fraud protection services and financial statements at the end of each month are other benefits FIA card services offers to its customers.

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