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#Aaron - Says,

Hi Papa Madd,

I think you should read the terms and conditions of the original contract once again. Moreover, it is better to clear all these kind of confusions before you sign up with a credit company.



#nicki - Says,

So Today I got a letter from my bank stating they took 250 out of my account and put it towards my car payment with out my permisson when I was only. 85 dlq I'm so pissed right now i where do they think they can just do that!I also had direct tv do the same thing 3 weeks ago for r318 and my bank new this and now they do it is there anything I can do
#careless - Says,

I just opening up account with chase bank I'm a single parent with 3 kids homeless and was trying to save money to find me some where to live with my kids 2days ago I deposit cash in my account with chase bank and yesterday I went to the ATM to withdraw money to get my kids something to eat it said my balance was 0.00 so I call the bank they said that I owe wa mu and that why they took my money I don't even remember if I had a wa mu account can somebody please help me and tell me how I could get my money back or what do I have to do or who can I talk to about getting my money back I been crying for 4 days now it hard out here rite now for some bank to just take your money like that they took 526.00 dollars from me without me knowing nothing please somebody tell me what can I do about this
#Guest - Says,

Chase just did this same thing to me today, they took every dime I had in my account which was $700 based on a Wamu account that I owe on from 3 years ago! I am a single mother & my rent is due which I can barely pay as it is & I have 4 kids with my twins only being 2 years old, my son 5 & daughter being 7! I just got layed off from work 3 days ago! I cannot stop crying! Please someone help me! Can they do this?
#Jae8888 - Says,

Bank of America took money out of my account. I authorized a credit card company to take money once. They continued to take money from the account and the bank worker stated that there was nothing they could do. We closed that account and opened another...same thing happened. We finally just closed the account and are never to use that bank again.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Sometimes if you explain the situation, to the manager of the bank, they would be willing to 'work with you'. Did your bank have some kind of documentation to allow them to debit money? You may want to find this out.
#crazylady - Says,

Starting back in Feb I found out Microsoft was taking money out of my account. I contacted the bank and was told to contact Microsoft and make sure accts was closed. I did this. Same thing happened in Mar and April. Contacted bank and in June same thing again. I was never given money back and the back ruled agaisnt me saying since I at one time had let them use my card for my son's account they could take whatever they wanted. They cut up my card and stopped the card but never refunded the overdraft fees attached to the withdrawals I did not okay. Then they started taking out $7. a day for an automatic withdrawal of a loan that my husband and I had co signed for a friend who died in Oct. I had okayed the withdrawal but wanted the date changed when our ssd came in. From Jan till June they did not charge the $7 but in July and Aug they started. I finally got our acct closed after argueing and fighting. We had our ssd direct deposited to another band starting this Sept. How can this be legal for a bank who we are to trust with our money to worry more about Microsoft and others intstead of the client who has the account?
#jane - Says,

if you have 2 accounts at the same bank and one of them becomes negative can the bank take the money out of the other account without your permission?
#CC - Says,

I think that Chase needs to be sued in there negligence for withdrawing money from your open account and transferring it to a closed account, with no regards for your financial position and/or possible overdraft, which you will then be responsible for. Most financial institutions will not let you open an account with them if you have money owed to them or their subsidiaries. I believe the second chance checking gimmick is one that they use to collect their debt. They point out everything else in their TOA, but they do not point out this fine print. This incident happened to me on today, and I was livid. I asked to speak to a supervisor, because the collection rep stated that they do not do reversal's for collections. After, holding she came back and stated that they would reverse half of the money with payment arrangements for the balance. Which is amazing seeing as prior to...none of the funds could be reveresed. At any rate, once this debt is paid, I will be closing this account and no longer doing business with JP Morgan Chase or any of it's affiliates, they have blatant disregard for customer satisfaction or the welfare of their consumers. I have informed my employer of this incident, and they will be closing their account, as well as my boyfriend and addtnl friends of mine. We need to show them that they need us, more than we need them in this circle of life. Because, I can make money and never put it into an account.
#PS - Says,

If a bank involuntarily takes $$ from one's checking account, does the owner of the checking account have any say as to which past due account within the same bank, the money can be applied?

Is the owner of the checking account responsible for accrued fees, interest, ret.d check fees, etc. which occured because of the bank's involuntary account $$ liquidation? thanks,

#debbiespwen - Says,

can my bank take my tax refund from my checking they hold my mortgage and I have late payments
#Sherry - Says,

My daughter has a credit card acct with NFCU but no bank account so when they call for a pmt if she gave me the money I would authorize them taking it out of my acct. I authorized a pmt in January and in February they took annother pmt without my consent, my daughter gave me the money but I called and told them I did not authorize it and not todo it again. They did it again in March which resulted in bouncing my car insurance ck and charged my a return ck fee. Am getting the run around. What can I do?
#tara livingstone - Says,

we got behind on credit card but made an arrangement topay each month. wehave now won our PPI claim and the bank has requested that we pay all the monies owed. can they do this?
#Christine Ybarra - Says,

If any one would like to get together with me I am going to look into this Chase thing, yesterday they took the last of my money out of my account on an old bank account from 2 years ago, like I told the chase represenitive I would not mind making payment arrangements and have them draft there funky little 200$ out of my account if they would one let me know ahead of time they are going to do this , two when opening the bank account let this be known that this could happen. Basiclly the stole from me. I mean thats what it means right when you take something that belongs to someone else with out notifying them, if this is the way Chase does business I do not want to be an account holder at that bank!!! Christine Ybarra
#sassy - Says,

if i open a checking account at charter bank in i get a 500 loan can they get into my other account at a differnt branch
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