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#Laura - Says,

Great job going on here. Manny just a small request. Please do not provide your mail ID in public. It will be deleted by the mods. If someone is interested send a private message. If you dont find that option you can register with this forum for which you do not have to pay. Members of the forum must have befitted from this lawsuit. Great going.
#hummingbird - Says,

I just found a pen my hubby brought home form a loan place we do business with. It had Cash Express on it and under that was payday loans.So I am assuming that cash Express is just another name for payday loans? I guess to be safe you must never deal with any of those. It says borrow 200 and pay back 200 .Thats for new customers only.What i don't under stand is how they get into your bank account to take out money unless you give them permission or at least your info.Don't they need your routing no . to do that or not? What does a place need in order to debit your acct. If it is only the bank acct no then a lot of us are in trouble.
#Ism - Says,

Any check you write has all the info anyone needs - your routing number, your account number, name as is on the account, etc.

BUT they still need authorization to pull funds from it. The trick is in all that paperwork that gets signed in the beginning - who knows what authorization we are giving in all those documents.

#hummingbird - Says,

Thats true and you know I never thought about all that information being on our checks.That is a scary thought too.
#AbelMichael - Says,

Say guys do you not find this amusing look on top[ of this site and look who is advertising Payday Advance and so forth what a joke.
#Shawn - Says,

I too have had the same problem...I got in over my heard with payday loans in mid 2006, and now its 2008 and they are being ruthless in their attempts to collect...2 years later. They have gone so far as automatically debiting my checking account. I have contacted my bank to block them from debiting, so we will see if it continues...I get on average of 3-5 emails a week threatening legal action and debit date, they have debited over $400 from my account...I have asked my bank to stop payment to them altogether, so we will see what happens...
#Shawn - Says,

One more thing I love...Caller thing is, I never answer any calls from phone numbers I don't recognize...they call, and never leave messages...maybe leave one message for every 10 calls. I don't know where the calls originate from , but often times, I get calls from CA, and other places, but if I don't know the number, 9 times out of 10, I don't answer. My thinking is that if its THAT important, they will leave messages. I also keep all emails in a folder...they are often the same emails day after day trying to collect. In a one month period, I have 14 emails...they are persistent, and will stop at nothing to get what they THINK is theirs...
#Jeff - Says,

any one who has had trouble with westbury ventures I encourage your complaints. Foun a Non profit org. Who is willing to take all legal actions against westbury. Please provide any documentation. Words wont work must have papers . Also file complaint with FTC

#Laura - Says,

Shawn just make sure if you communicate at all it should be papers and posts. No phone calls. Refrain from PDL's. They are there to squeeze out money.
#Addie - Says,

I am trying to take legal action against westbury but can not get a good mailing address. Can anyone help?
#goodnatured - Says,

I found this information for you

Westbury Ventures d/b/a PD6 Ventures/The Loan Shop
2756 N. Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89014
Tel.: 800-853-7221

#Former Westbury Employee - Says,

They are not in DE and they are not owned by Broadmore. They are owned by LTS Management and located in downtown Kansas City. Google LTS MANAGEMENT and go to their website.
#fireyone - Says,

When I googled them I seen a lot of court cases that were filed against these people and alot of the same complaints we are seeing around here. Seems as if they are getting sued A lot. I did not see a address except for one in CA. Maybe someone else would have this info.
#Tawnya - Says,

My husband and I got into a real fiancial bind when one of our children was put into the hospital several times in a year. At any rate, we took out several payday loan over the internet to try and make ends meet...taking out these loans only made matters worse. We have had to contact an attorney who told us that internet payday loans in the state of virginia are illegal. He has won one case against our lenders where our loan was forgiven, all our bank fees paid, all attorney fees paid, and we walked away with 1000.00 in our pocket. If you are victium of internet payday loans in the state of Virgina you should look him up. His name is Dale W. Pittman. he is the only reason my husband and I have not lost everyting.
#Crisakaloro - Says,

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