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#Dadummy - Says,

Should be soon, it looks like it only takes a day or two. I am sure you will see it in a day or two.
#goodnatured - Says,

Yep, got it and had to use it on gas, hate to use it for that, as expensive as gas is, but I had to travel quite a bit more this week so needed a little extra for the pumps. Oh well, got to do what you got to do.
#Dadummy - Says,

so sorry that you had to use it on gas, maybe your next cashout will be freed up enough to use it on something that you really want to.
#goodnatured - Says,

at least I had it there to use, could have been worse, I will get a mileage check for twice the amount so it will more than make up for it. Hopefully the boss approves it on Monday so I can get it fairly quickly though.
#Dadummy - Says,

Thats good for you goodnatured, you will double your money then right, you do pretty good for your travels.
#goodnatured - Says,

#Agivaaffess - Says,

Nice site Wink

#Laura - Says,

Hello Agivaaffess,

If you really like our site why dont you come and join us? We will have a great discussion.

#Laura - Says,

Im sure if they want to they will join. Cannot force anyone right?
#Laura - Says,

Smile dont worry august. Keep posting and post as much as possible
Im sure it will work.

#Dadummy - Says,

you lost me on this one? what is all this about .
#August - Says,

I am slowly but surely getting there, but in the meantime, I am getting to know some pretty good people here. I really do enjoy this forum and wish I could get here and post more than I do.
#Shah - Says,

How can i join this program plz tell me im givin my id plz mail me ASAP !
email addy removed for your safety--Morningstar

#Laura - Says,

Hi Shah,

Just register at our forum and join us in helping the community grow and put forward a helping hand to people trying to rescue credit.


If anybody wants to donate points to some member of the forum for some definite cause they can by using that button.

#tawana1956 - Says,

I see that the point total is listed below my name (answers a previous question). Now I have a new one. When you encash does your point balance reflect that under your name or does it always show the total you have earned to date no deducting what you encashed?
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