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#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I think it shows the total that you have earned, so far. I mean, it doesn't 'deduct' the points that you have cashed in.
#Laura - Says,

Right Wendy.


The points keep increasing with posts that you make. 1000 points is the level from where you can encash your points. 1000 magic points= $10.
Was that clear? Smile

#lostrikan24 - Says,

Hello Laura,

Is it $10 or $50? The original post here states we can cash out at $50. Not sure if this has changed.

Thanks for your templates!

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

It's $10.00 you can cash out now.......1000 points. I haven't been on a while. Had ALOT of personal things to take care of. Hello everyone.
#lostrikan24 - Says,

Well, welcome back SD!

Hope everything worked out for you and thanks for the new information. I am new around this forum. The new baby... =)

#goodnatured - Says,

Great to have you back sdchargers, hope all is well with you.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Yeah..things are alittle hectic, but, I'm getting them straightened out. Thanks, everyone. I appriciate it. I'll be back on ('normally') soon. Talk to you all soon.
#Lorri - Says,

How do I request to cash in points?
#Richard - Says,

Hi Lorri
To get the cash out, all you need to do is to send in your pay out request to admin(at)creditmagic.org. For every 100 magic point, you earn a dollar. Howver, you can make a payout request only when your magic point reaches 1000.

#gary - Says,

74 magic points , how do i get a cheque payment ?
#Lorri - Says,

Sorry Gary---there is a minimum payout of $10 which is equal to about 1000 points.
#justin.r.willhoite - Says,

but can you really help me fix my credit report?
#justin.r.willhoite - Says,

but can you really help me fix my credit report?
#gogetakame - Says,

Wait, I am kind of confused... Where do you view your magic points and how do you like get the money?
#Mary - Says,

Hi gogetakame
You can view your magic points below the avatar only if you sign in with your user id and password. For every 1000 magic points you earn, you get $10. You can redeem the magic points only after you have earned 1000 magic points or more. After you reach 1000 magic points, you can send a mail to admin(at)creditmagic.org claiming redemption of your magic points.

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