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#carol - Says,

Hey everyone out there come and share your experiences. We are really having fun here. Missing the tough ones here, why only ladies? What about the husbands here? Or only the bachelors?
#Mary - Says,

Yes thats true most here are females I guess? My Christmas is going to be fun for sure. Going to Italy. Any experiences anyone?
#Richard - Says,

My son is the naughtiest and I will for sure come up with all the variety of merriment he along with cousins and friends are arranging for. Its going to be a rocking season ahead. BUt you have to wait for the information Wink
#goodnatured - Says,

I think it all depends on our personality, are you the youngest or the oldest? Younger ones in my family seems to get away with more, where they older of us tend to act more like our parents. We are the penny pinchers, LOL.

I am the more serious one, I guess. I have lightened up a bit since raising our grand daughter (we adopted her) she is four now and I want her to have good memories, so I am a kid again. Only thing is I can't get my lines on my face to show it. LOL.

Anyway, I am glad everyone is having fun here, it is good to have more people join the conversation.

#debtstinker - Says,

No kidding good! it's great to see people here!
Mary, real quick to answer your post, I've been to Venice and while it's beautiful it is true that it's sinking. however, Italians are very artistically oriented as the arts are a high focus, far more than they are here in the states. I loved that aspect and the merchandise there is far cheaper than it is here too. Food is great, don't look any man in the eye as he will follow you to the ends of the earth and i mean it! I made the mistake of looking one in the eye (very very handsome man) and well...he wasn't so handsome after riding a train for hours staring a hole through me. Americans are not used to that, we have our personal space we don't like when people come too close. Not so with Italians. My friend was walking down the street with me and a guy just grabbed her chest! as they are very affectionate people and I learned that Italians communicate very loudly, seems like they're fighting but they aren't. I think you'll really enjoy yourself over there. What parts of Italy are you going to? My friends went to Rome, but I never made it. I studied music over in Europe and it was great to see how other cultures live Smile

#debtstinker - Says,

Hi Fellow Forum members, i miss you for the couple of hours I was away. I found a fantastic site for those of you who are comfy shopping online. It's called and there's nothing on there more than $20!! what a great way to budget with Christmas coming up. some things are seemingly of good quality. am lovin this! hope the mods keep the site up sheepish grin Smile
#Laura - Says,

Hi Goodnatured,

I am older one among two. But as far as my memory goes, i was a devil as well. I would play pranks and do all sorts of weird things. Yes but I am very close to my sister. I guess she learned all the pranks from me Wink. I am a mama's girl and yes
We are the penny pinchers

#Mary - Says,

Hi Debtstinker,

I am glad that now I have some information about Italy. I will be visiting Rome and Venice together. Actually our target is Venice but I insisted on Rome as well. I agree that temperament will be pretty different form ours.

#Laura - Says,

Oh Rome is wonderful. Go ahead. Just beware of crimes. Italy is a place for crimes. I have not faced such situation though..I loved the country but I have heard from friends and cousins regarding the other side of the country.
#goodnatured - Says,

Never been to Rome, but loved the series on HBO. One of my favorite shows and they took it off.

Laura, two pranksters in one family, your poor mother, LOL. you two probably had her crazy. Do you pull pranks on the holidays as well? I know my grandfather used to do the old joke of a lump of coal, after awhile we told him a gallon of kerosene would be better, lol. I am glad to hear that you and your sister are close, I am the oldest and went into the military at a young age, so I still see mine as youngsters, even though they are all in their thirties, I still view them as kids, LOL. I guess I always will.

#Laura - Says,

Yes Good, you bet. Our mom would sometimes just stare at our accomplishment. She would be left spell bound. LOL. She would complain to dad when he returned home. The later scenes were even dangerous. We two and our dad would take the guitars and trumpet(my sister's favorite) and start singing and playing all around mom. She would press her ears and keep laughing at our craziness Very Happy.
#Guest - Says,

Is it that time of year AGAIN?
#goodnatured - Says,

Yes, it is that wonderful time of the year, power outages, slippery roads, cold weather,..............

Santa Claus, Frosty, Rudolf and of course all the wonderful family traditions new and old.

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, .................

#debtstinker - Says,

Uh good are ya punch drunk??? at least you 'sing' on key hee lol Wink hope you had a good friday, hope everyone had a good friday and an even better weekend!
#Laura - Says,

Thats great Good. You seem to be in the mood already Smile. So Good and debtstinker what are your plans for the season? In fact all can chip in their ideas and ongoings Smile
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