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#dale - Says,

Why will one credit bureau delete an item and another credit bureau not delete the item? What is the best thing to do when this happens?
#fireyone - Says,

You would think that they all should. If it is a recent fall off maybe the other ones just haven't taken it off yet. This will be of interest to me in the future so hope you don't mind if I keep an eye on this post.. Hope all clears for you soon.
#goodnatured - Says,

If you see something fall off one and stay on the other, look at the report and see what the date is that it is supposed to be off the report, if the date has past write a letter to the reporting agency and they should honor the drop off for you. goodluck.
#Dale - Says,

The particular item that was deleted came about when I disputed it. TransUnion deleted it. But it's still on Experion. I'm not sure about EquiFax.


#goodnatured - Says,

I don't know why it would be so different from one company to the next, I find that strange that one would honor it and not the other. I think if one did they all should. crazy, maybe give it some time and try again.

dale, why don't you register on this site, that way your questions would build up points and then you could cash them out?

#Morningstar - Says,

Three scenarios come to mind, but it is not strange at all...they are different companies.

-The creditor/CA no longer report to TU

-The creditor/CA did not respond to the request for verification in a timely manner to TU, but did properly respond to Exp

-Exp failed to verify info, but illegally retained the info on the report

#fireyone - Says,

So what does that leave a person to do?
#Morningstar - Says,

You can try to dispute for a different reason, send an intent to sue letter, or maybe file a complaint with the FTC.

If the entry is legitimate, then a person may very well be stuck with it. One credit bureau is not the same as another; a removal from one credit report is not, in and of itself, a reason for another credit bureau to delete.

#scott - Says,

Dispute it
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

A similiar thing happened to me ( TOO STRANGE!!). I had a outstanding debt 'fall off' with ALL of the CB's. I 'disputed' the debt with only ONE CB. The CB, I 'disputed' this with, removed the debt. However.....on the other 2 CB's, the debt was still there. I din't know I had to 'dispute' this with ALL of the CB's. Boy.....what a process!!
#Laura - Says,

This is not STRANGE after all. Each bureau works on its own. The discrepancies occur due to reporting errors mainly. Your creditors do not report to all the bureaus. So when you check your report, mark the items that are not on all the three. The status of those items make a difference in your score from the three bureaus.

The probable points are mentioned by Morningstar already. So this is not new or strange, this is how the system works. You have to be familiar with it.

#fireyone - Says,

I also did not know all three bureaus were not working side by side. I like everyone else thought if it fell off one it would fall off the other. Thanks for the info guys, now I am going to check the other ones just to be sure they all are OK.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Yeah.., I din't know all the CB's worked 'seperately', either. MM...this explains alot of things (for me, anyway).
#fireyone - Says,

I think that them working seperatly is for the better. That way if one does have your credit messed up there are still two other ones to rely on. Now that doesn't mean a person should not try to correct errors on their report.
#Richard - Says,

They are supposed to be working together. Like when they introduced the vantage score, it was a joint effort. However in cases like reporting and fico calculation there are differences.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Ok..this does make sense. Knowing I MAY have a better score, by ONE CB, than..perhaps...the other TWO, does make me feel a bit better!! LOL
#carol - Says,

Make sure all the CB's record good score for you. If you are working with a lender who works with another CB which reports a lower score, you might just get stuck there. It is really very important to to ensure the validity of all the reports.
#charles.armbruster - Says,

Continuous quarterly review of your CB report will alert you to any fraud or theft incidents. And, speaking with a credit management professional will always help. This community is great -- you can ask questions and get some direction. However, researching the wealth of information out there can be tough!

Try to be as specific as possible with your facts when asking questions, too.

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I know there is a FREE way to get your CR's (only once a year..however)......Annualcreditreport.com. However....if you want to get it every quarter, don't you have to pay for the services? I guess if you really want/need to see it, people would pay the small fee.
#charles.armbruster - Says,

You are correct -- actually individuals can receive one (1) free credit report from each of the three (3) credit bureaus, annually. So, smart folks can inspect their status by way of the credit report every four months, every year, for free.

Credit monitoring services essentially do this for you, for a fee. There are management services that will counsel you and your credit stance to keep your scores as high as they can be, and they help you to be lightly pre-qualified for the best rates and the largest loan amounts, whether it be cars or homes or whatever installment loan you are needing.

There doesn't seem to be a 'GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SEAL OF APPROVAL' to sort out all these credit monitoring oufits, but I wouldn't touch one of them -- they simply direct information to you, and they can't legally discuss your particular circumstance with you. Only lawyers and mortgage professionals can legally pull your credit and review it with you. Mortgage professionals who offer products like ApprovalGUARD credit management services can help folks improve their credit scores by analyzing their quarterly reports.

#fireyone - Says,

I myself wouldn't want to deal with them or pay the fees associated with it. If you have access to free credit monitoring yourself why bother paying for it.
#charles.armbruster - Says,

True -- you can FSBO sell your own home, too. Also, people will often employ a credit repair agency when a certain time-frame (for a purchase, say) is important to them.
There really is a 'sea' of information out there for personal credit management. Some folks feel more comfortable 'swimming' through it with a coach.
When credit score is important to you, as when refinancing a home, credit & liability management can do wonders for those needing direction.

#fireyone - Says,

With all the negativity surrounding them I just thought of them as kind of like junk debt collectors. If there is hope out there through one of these agencies which one od the credit managing companies would anyone suggest?
#charles.armbruster - Says,

There are many, but the only one I know well is one I personally work with -- Guidelines & Rules violation--Morningstar
#fireyone - Says,

Wow that sure is alot to offer. I am definately looking into that one. It helps to have people who have used a service to recommend one. It saves time and money so you don't waste it weeding out the bad ones. Thanks
#anthony - Says,

Is advertising allowed like that? I am not sure.
#Morningstar - Says,

No, but to do so through private messaging is ok.
#fireyone - Says,

Sorry I didn't relize i was in the middle of an adwertisement. Really hope I didn't do anything wrong. Thanks for informing me.
#Laura - Says,

Infact the poster also did not realize that. Hi Charles, thanks a lot for your help. We appreciate it but alas we have to follow the guidelines as well. But do you really need a credit management company?
#fireyone - Says,

I see you can really get a lot of money tied up in identity protection. I checked out a sit that was recommended www.optoutprescreen.com. They keep you from getting prescreen invitations to credit that apparently add soft injuries to your credit score. They want a monthly payment there too. I know that it is very important to protect your identity but with everyday living prices astronomical most of us can't add even more to their budget. They need to set something up that doesn't charge. Kind of like how they did the do not call list. In the end I think if you are truly strapped and just can't afford it your best defense is using the three free credit reports and checking yours every four months.
#goodnatured - Says,

I went there and put the information in for both me and my husband. I don't think they should be able to give your information out from the credit reporting agencies, think it is a bunch of crap, when they inquire then your score falls. Just seems like there is just too much working against you when you are trying to rebuild or build your credit.
#Morningstar - Says,

I don't think they should be able to give your information out from the credit reporting agencies, think it is a bunch of crap, when they inquire then your score falls.

Marketing, or soft inquiries do not affect your score.

#fireyone - Says,

Morningstar is correct here. They aren't suppose to affect your score. I think he has told us this many times. I still opted out. I can do with alot less mailbox junk. Plus with the rough times lately I don't want to fall victim.
#goodnatured - Says,

I thought I read some where that it does, learned something new today. Oh well, I used the optout that was posted on this forum, I really don't want any of them making money by selling my name on a list. They have done me no favors, LOL.
#fireyone - Says,

I agreed in full. I hate putting my name to anything anymore cause I know I'll hear from a million other places. When we first moved in here our new number wasn't on the do not call list...it didn't enter my mind until the phone calls started..at all hours. I already had direct TV but yet they still called asking if I would like ti sign up. Whatever.
#scott - Says,

Yes that feels irksome but you have to opt out sooner. Have you done that already?
#goodnatured - Says,

I know it gets to the point that even if they had a great deal you would not pick them because of their marketing, call after call, vonage used to drive me up the wall.

I think the do not call should be in place until you go in and remove it.

#fireyone - Says,

Yes I just did it myself recently. I never knew you could opt out until I came here. Glad someone gave me the link.
#goodnatured - Says,

My junk has stopped significantly, pretty quickly, way before the 30 days that they give you as a timeframe.
#fireyone - Says,

How soon did you see the results goodnatured? I just opted out last week. Hope it works.
#goodnatured - Says,

I don't know if it is coincedence or not, but I have not recieved any junk about two weeks after the date that I opted out. I wish the collectors were that easy to get rid of, LOL. You should see results soon.
#fireyone - Says,

Maybe one of us could get rich tying to put an end to that one. I am starting to notice less and less. Instead of pulling lots out of the old mailbox it has only been a couple things.
#peter jones - Says,

if you dispute a item & it was deleted by Experian & Trans Union by law is Equifax suppose to delete the item as well
#Jdubb - Says,

Hey Im working with a credit repair agency out of AZ, and had a simliar situation, this company told me that it is illegal for one CB to delete an item and the others maintain a negative report, you will have to send a copy of your report to the others to have removed
#crorkz matz - Says,

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