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#fireyone - Says,

I just joined a few months ago myself. I found this site has really helped me more than anything. When you start getting collection calls you worry yourself to death. some people do not relize there are places on the net like this. it is noce to have other people in the same situation to talk to and the moderaters to help them out.
#goodnatured - Says,

Justin, it is amazing how this community has grown, new people, new problems and new solutions, it has been great being here. I have gotten some good advice from the members and have developed some friendships.

Welcome back, hope you decide to stay for a while this time. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

#fireyone - Says,

I didn't see this site from its beginning but I am sure by looking at member totals that it didn't happen overnight. The more people the more knowledge...more knowledge,the more power....
#goodnatured - Says,

you got that right fireyone and the more the better.
#Justin - Says,

Hi goodnatured

You are right. This community is slowly becoming a good platform for gaining knowledge. It is great to see many people joining this forum.

#fireyone - Says,

I was actually referred here by a friend. It would be great if there was away to make more people knowledgable about a site like this.
#anthony - Says,

Yes, I too think that if people are made aware of this site, more people will visit this forum with their valuable experiences which will be of great help for others in the forum. Knowledge is what actually helps people to remain always in a safer side. In fact I think that referring this site to friends and colleagues will help a lot in this case.
#CMBV22 - Says,

When you go through one of the first selections you make is which credit bureau(s) you wish to get your report from. If you only select one at a time you can space it out so every four months you are getting to see one of your credit reports. The law states that you are able to get a copy of each of your three major credit bureau reports once a year but it doesn't state that you have to order all three at once.

Huh, I never thought of that...clever. NOt that I could wait 4 months to look at my report! LOL Besides, all 3 reports are not the same.

#fireyone - Says,

Great in put there anthony. Cmb Believe me I could wait that long. I have one that is not gonna fall off for a couple years. That is my worse demon. Even though it is past SOL the junk collectors who keep passing it around drive me crazy. Most of them don't even want to make a reasonable deal so I don't pick up the phone or check my report more than three times a year anyway.
#Justin - Says,

Actually what I meant to say is that interaction increases knowledge and helps us to deal with out debts better. More is the interaction, the more is the information that comes up. It is not the question of solving only the present debt but also to be aware of the future situations.
#goodnatured - Says,

I agree Justin, the more we know the more that we can make better decisions and protect ourselves. These forums are very help with dispersing the information and having discussions that will promote education with credit. I have learned so much here and in turn have put my personal experiences out there for others to work with also.

these forums do a great job of educating people.

#anthony - Says,

I agree with Justin that interaction increases our knowledge. Knowledge on credit is essential to understand not only our present credit situation but also help us to deal with the CAs and CRAs better.
#Guest - Says,

One credit report is free in a financial year. Is this one credit report free from each of the CRAs.
#harvey - Says,

I purchased several copies of a self help credit manual that really assists in rebuilding credit if anyone is interested. I can be reached at gmail under harvwashington and can give more info.
#scott - Says,

Yes, one credit report is free in a financial year from each of the three credit reporting agencies as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can order the free report either by visiting their website or by calling their toll free number. All you need to provide is your name, address, social security number and date of birth.
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