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#goodnatured - Says,


As part of that package, Democrats want to resurrect a $61 billion House-passed measure that included about $37 billion in public works spending, $6 billion to extend jobless benefits, $15 billion to help states to pay their Medicaid bills and $3 billion in food stamp assistance for the poor.

The Democrats also are considering a second round of tax rebates to follow the $600 to $1,200 checks most individuals and couples got earlier this year. That money, going directly to consumers in hopes they would spend it, could push the price tag much higher.

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#Mary - Says,

Yes, I think that this second stimulus of the Federal Government will certainly solve the unemployment problem that has been caused by the slowdown of the US economy in the recent years. Moreover the tax rebates will provide an extra flow of money in the economy and would stimulate economic growth.
#goodnatured - Says,

It would be nice to get some more of the money back that we pay in, I actually used the first stimulus to get a much needed drain ditch in my yard, I could use a second one that maybe I could use for christmas shopping, that sure would be nice.
#carol - Says,

I think that the second fiscal stimulus which is aimed at distributing $50 billion help to the people of US will give us some relief. This economic stimulus will inject additional dollars in the economy and will increase income and employment which has been on the decline all around 2008.
#goodnatured - Says,

I sure could use it and from what I see on televison so could the retailers, everything is up in price, it is crazy, what used to cost me $40 at the grocery store is now $55, We really need a break here.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Would be nice if hey DO the'package' again. EVERYONE could use the money. I work with the Elderly ( my job..) and alot of them din't 'qualify' bacause they were on a 'fixed' income ( SSI, etc.) that had no taxes taken out. They REALLY could have used it.
#jtrenton - Says,

Another stimulus package will help, but only in a short term. In the long term people should learn to live within their means and save part of their income.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I agree...too many people try to live 'out of their means'. The package gives a little more 'income' to work with. Short term? I DO agree. Shouldn't expect one every year.
#goodnatured - Says,

No but it would be nice to have just one more would it not?
#Justin - Says,

Hi jtrenton
This stimulus will work on the basis of the Keynesian approach. The stimulus will increase disposable income on the hands of the individuals in the economy as a result of which individuals will increase their demand for commodities. This increase in demand will raise production and hence there will be an increase in employment. It is a long run adjustment program and the economy will definitely stabilize in the long run.

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

The FIRST 'Package' that people received (I'm pretty sure..) was used for their bills,etc. I know the Government was probably hoping we would go 'out and splurge.' With mine, I paid bills with. Does anyone know ( I guess I haven't read it anywhere..) when they decide to 'release' this other one?
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

How can the Government understand about those who are struggling?! I mean..ALOT of them have never 'been there, done that' so how DO they know what we need? They give all of these 'breaks' for the wealthy, etc. Horrible to see people struggle so much and can't get a dime to help.
#billy h - Says,

why don't the people on ssi get the stimulus payment? I get ssi and we didn't get a stimulus payment last time. Some of us worked for years and paid taxes, but we don't qualifiy because we draw ssi. This seems unfair to me.
#Mary - Says,

Hi Billy
Economic stimulus payment is available to those US citizens who has filed tax returns for the year 2007 by 15th October 08. Economic stimulus payment is in fact indirectly a rebate on the tax you have paid and is available to individuals whose annual income is $ 75000 and above. Now since the person who get ssi benefit do not generally file a tax return or pay taxes, it is not available to them. Although it is true that you have paid taxes for years, but such rebate is operative only on current tax payments.

#fireyone - Says,

Thats a really good explanation. Ialso would like to state the fairness of this. Imagine working nonstop and never getting any breaks on taxes, heating oil, food..nothing. I know most on SSI are not there by choice and just as the above programs were put into place for them (li heap, food stamps, property tax rebates) the stimulus was one program put into place for the working Americans.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I read your post, MARY. Did I misunderstand you, ...the Rebate is available ONLY to those who make $75,000 and up, per year?? I thought the govenment was going by the same 'guidelines' as the last one. Wanna say hello to everyone......haven't been on this forum in a while.
#fireyone - Says,

SD I think that was a typo. The first round of stimulus payments were for anyone who made $300 or more.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Has anyone heard about the second 'package' coming out? I've heard very little...just that a second one is in the process of.
#goodnatured - Says,

I have not heard anything new on this second stimulus, sure could use something like this though. Everything I read so far has had nothing in it for the working joe period.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Hopefully something will be done for those who are struggling..........instead of giving all of these 'tax breaks' to people that don't need them.
#fireyone - Says,

I agree. I hear there is a stimulus but it is money that is for each state to do programs like education and jobs. Its not a per individual type of thing. I agree I hope if there is another stimulus it also includes the working class making up to $75 000. People do not seem to relize that these people have bills to and just because they may make a little more does not meant they do not feel the economic impact. They may have a higher mortgage because they own a more expensive home, car payments and they are use to being able to pay with out having to cut back necessity. People seem to see a dollar amount and say "they do not need it: to me thats discrimaination. I can only imageine what those people pay out for medical and other things since they would not qualify for any type of free funding.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I see your point, FIREYONE...................however, just because these people make $75,000 per year, din't mean they had to buy a extremely expensive house, or a pool ,or 3 cars, etc. ( I think you get my point). NOW...these SAME people are losing their homes, pools, cars, etc. What about those living on the street? ..with no income at all? It's like the General Motors CEO's coming in with their private jets and saying, "please bail me out." If they SOLD their jets, they would have the money.
#fireyone - Says,

SD trying not to argue here but we make that amount of money. My house payment alone is $700..all it I have is a doublewide on top of a foundation..its was expensive because off construction costs being through the roof. I also own three vehicles and none are new. Why three you may ask...well hubby and I both needed vehicles to get to work and the third one is an ancient old truck we have to keep to plow out the driveway and haul logs,shell and what not with out ruining the other two. We also have the high insurance on these vehicles,which I am sure someone will appreciate down the line if we ever wreck into them..Plus we don't want an accident to happen and then get sued and lose our home. Now add on Medical, school lunches,gas, fuel for heating,taxes, really adds up. The money amount may seem like a lot but once you take out all your monthly bills house, car payment, elecrtic, phone and so on and then groceries,medical will see there really isn't much left. I bnet in co-pays for medical alone we dish out almost $200. Plus we are taxed a t a very high rate. It really isn't as easy as it appears when looking at the number.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I sure understand your point, FIERYONE. By the time you DO pay bills, or 'catch up' on them, there's nothing left. When I received the $300.00, this went toward bills....not shopping like the governement was hoping it would.
#fireyone - Says,

I have to laugh at that when I hear it on the news and elsewhere to. They say we need to spend more and get the economy going..How..I do like you bills bills and the higher prices. I hear though that groceriy prices will be coming down in Jan. because they can start basing their prices on the gas surcharges paid last quarter. This will be a good thing so people do not have to rely on charging the basice necessities and paying the higher interest rates on the card they are using. A lot more people also use their credit cards for medicine...doubt that price will ever come down.
#goodnatured - Says,

We are in that $75,000 window and I have to say that it makes me sick to see how much we are paying in taxes. The only reason we are there at that income bracket is because my husband works tons of overtime. It is NOT a choice, if he does not go out, the compressors go down, gas is not pushed and everyone loses. It is not a choice, there are times he is out till 2 or 3 in the morning and right back up at 6 am and heads out again to put in another long day. It is really hard on his health also.

He got a $1500 bonus the other day, this is once a year, he cleared $800 out of that. I think that is just wrong! all taxes, almost 50 %.

I work fulltime. I am also a 70% disabled veteran. I could be completely disabled, but my work ethic is strong enough for me to get out of bed everyday and still go to work to deal with people who are just plain lazy and have the idea that someone else is supposed to take care of them. Yeah right. I am thoroughly disgusted, I am really debating my own situation. Why not. I can file for completed disability through the veterans administration and be completely tax free. Yeah, I would quit working but I would be so far ahead, my income then would be tax free. I could sit at home and whine everyday about what the government owes me, since my health issues are service connected and we would actually get back a ton more on our income tax.

I am going to a rheumatologist in January, if I can get the right information down on paper I am going to ride that train the whole way to Egypt, the hell with it, My family is really sick of paying everyones way just because our jobs make us put in the necessary overtime.

And yeah, I DESERVE a stimulus! Because if it wasn't for fools like us, there would not be money in the tax base to pay for any stimulus and we will be paying for it well into the future.

#fireyone - Says,

Here,Here GN...I am glad someone else backs my theory. I have a hubby that works over,overtime. Not a decision, a company rule. When we recieve any bonus they are taxed in the same way. It does make a person really sick. I have complained that these taxes on us are outrageous. If you take a look at all the money they take off someone in that tax bracket, well you are doing no better than the guy below you. Your just working your ass off to pay more taxes. The main reason my hubby has this job is the medical benefits..then they were going to try to tax those!! Where does it end? Of courswe we deserve a second stimulus..its probaly us just getting some of our own money back.
#goodnatured - Says,

I guess my big problem is that I see how much of it is pumped out every week into the pockets of those who need to just get off their rear ends and do it themselves.

The program just bought another car for someone this week, he was on the back porch saying he was going to buy his car, I told him that the vehicle was not meant for joy riding, it was for work. As a tax payer, that I think that should be the only purpose for the car. He called in that week needing gas money to get to his community service.

You see, I am not real sure why you would waste my tax dollars on a car for someone who just failed a urine test in the pre employment interview physical. He is obviously not job ready if he has drug issues.

I give it a few weeks, the car will be worthless, engine blown, wrecked, something, way it always go and he will expect another one.

I hate seeing this crap weekly. Wouldn't be bad if they actually took all the help and became a productive citizen and help out instead of being a tax burden. I get really frustrated with the whole system sometimes.

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

GN...yes, I see what you mean. Single mom, work full time, serve in the military.....very stressful sometimes. I, too, am tired of seeing people 'work the system'. I've talked to several Vets who say, " uncle Sam owes me, so this is what I'm gonna do. let everyone ELSE 'pay my way." Those who say this are those who CAN get out of bed and work if they choose to. They say they "hurt too much to do this or that." However...........they go running every other day, sort-of-thing. I'm not saying there ARE people that are TRULY disabled. A couple, who lives in the apt complex, I live in..........they have a baby, they don't work ( they can if they want to). SHE quit her job. HE "refuses" to look for one. HE can't drivers license. They are BOTH around my age..44 years old. They don't have a car. Basically..their attitudes are, "if the Governement wants us to pay our bills, THEY ( the Government) will pay them for us." I just don't get people like this. ALSO.......I wanna say to you, GN....God Bless ya!!
#fireyone - Says,

This is the reasons those people do not work. I think there should be a whole lot more than just hading money out so freely. The should have to keep a gas and mileage log as to where they even take the vehicle. I mean after hundreds of miles and still no job that would seem a little fishy to me. I also think the welfare stsyem needs a complete over haul. They should have some way for these people to give back to the community that supports them. I was at a Christmas party of my hubbys work last night and this very pregnant women sat across form me. Her "husband" (not legally) was bragging about the big screen and everything else he blows his check on and I asked "how can you afford it with 4 kids and one on the way. The answer? "My wife gets disability and a check for each child a month". The trailor was bought for her by the government years ago NO rent. The reason for her disabilty was her you know what your back goes through having kids and carrying them around for 9 months...if it can take can take an 8 hour day.
#goodnatured - Says,

My point exactly. I have days that I can barely move and have to take a sick day. Usually I get my rear end up and go to work. I don't know these people just irritate the crap out of me. Freeloaders.
#fireyone - Says,

Thats y opinion. Up until the accident about ayear ago I worked two jobs 8 months out of the year and 1 twelve I can't and I can't get any financial help either. This is why you see more and more people like ourselves getting further in debt. There are no quick easy grants or checks for us..even in hard times. I get sick to my stomach wondering if the $600 I scraped up for fuel will be enough well others are getting $1100 grants and do not think they will need it all. I don't see why they can n ot put a little more effort into finding people that really qualify and give up the high income dismissals.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I know what you mean, FIREYONE. When 'low-income' people need help, where is it? I'll tell ya where is 'it'? 'It's' sitting with those who are 'deemed' to be MORE (?) successful ( like the Donald Trumps). I guess, 'we' are the 'little people'. THAT'S what peeves me off!
#fireyone - Says,

There was a write up in the ppaper about the stimulus program so I thought I would update this post. The second economic stimulus is going to be for the nation to get back oin its feet. The moeny will go towards Health care, energy programs, Education, Food Stamp programs, Unemployment benefits and tax cuts for middle and low income families. There will be no increase so far for wealthy Americans. They are trying to draw up a final stimulus program as we speak because Mr. Obama wants to get it into the system with in days of his taking offices.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

This 'economy' sure can use some help...that's for sure!!LOL I know there is 'alot on his shoulders' right now...our new Prez, I mean. I just hope he can straighten things out. I guess he has to 'clean up the mess' that Prez Bush made..ya know.
#fireyone - Says,

I will agree with you there. This nation has fallen into some serious debt and we need to start cutting out the things that are not important and getting these debts paid, especially the ones to other countries. If they would have started pulling extra vehicles off the road before and cutting out jobs in the government that was not needed or over occupied all along we probaly would not be so far in debt.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

With SOO many prices going up on itmes (groceries, etc.) I feel like 'we the people' are paying to bail the Government out. If things were 'tight' before, they are 'tighter' now.
#Doc - Says,

in drug and alcohol dependency programs, they say that it takes a "rock bottom" scenario to break you out of the habit, and make you admit that there's a problem.....

Financially, this country is about to go through rehab!

#goodnatured - Says,

Well the big wigs will never hit that rock bottom as long as the government feels free to just take our tax dollars and bail out the mortgage industry and now the auto industry.

I do like that fact that they are laying down some rules on the money, like stockholders don't get paid until the money is paid back. Well what about some of the bigger CEO's.

I think that they are just prolonging the inevitable, they will be good for a few months and then they will be right back there begging for more. I can not see how they can compete with the other companies, like toyota, they are self contained, turning profit and financing their own loans to potential buyers.

I think the big three needs a hell of alot more than a government bail out, they need a corporate make over. It will take sacrifices that many are not willing to make for it to make it.

#fireyone - Says,

I will agree with everyone on this note too. You doi not see big bailouts on people who have aquired too much debt because of these big companies laying them off. We will continue to feed the big CEO's but in the end it will be the workers who have to take the paycut or give up a job they have worked for years.
#goodnatured - Says,

If they are going to do I would hope that they do it soon, many families could really use it for heating it is getting mighty cold here.
#fireyone - Says,

I do not think you would see the help come our way. I believe just getting them to take a look ar the credit card and banking indusrty was a long shot but finally they did. I am hoping to see more of these chyanges coming with the new president on board in the coming year. I just have a hard time swollowing that we did not try to bailout some of the people losing their homes but we did all those big indusrties.
#goodnatured - Says,

I don't think the everyday consumer will see any cash in hand on the second stimulus, I think it is just for business. Would be nice I could use it right about now.
#fireyone - Says,

I have heard nothing about any cash in hand. Its more like each state has so much money to put where it is needed. Yes it would be nice right now but thereas not much of a chance of that happening. If it does I hope it isn't distributed to people wiht no income or that are already recieving state benefits like food stamps and such. Actually speaking of food stamps I believe they already used some of the money to increase the monthly allowment due to rising food prices. So I guess some has already recieved part of the second stimulus.
#goodnatured - Says,

I am not hearing anything at all lately. Mostly what has been on the news has been about the mortgage and car industry and how they need money to bail them out. So, nothing new to report but if I do hear anything I will be sure to come here and let you guys know, please do the same.

Should be soon, Obama takes office here soon right????

#fireyone - Says,

Yes sometime in January. I have been following the news pretty well myself and have not heard anything except for the increase in Food stamps, fuel grants and the extension of unemployment benefits. I just think it is sad it took so long to get help in place for the home owners whom lost their home due to all this but yet we can bail out the big indusrties with our tax dollars. Did you know that workers at those auto factories get almost $50 an hour and a machine does most of their work for them? I remember when a company my hubby was working for was on the verge of failure and they called a meeting asking the workers if they would consider a paycut for approx. six months until they could regain their footing. All the workers agreed so that the business would not go under. They even got a bonus to try to make up for the lost wages about a year later. I thought it was great that everyone could work together like that to save thewir jobs and work place from going under.
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Statewide quality of air Alert as Wildfire Smoke Lingers

Hey may, hurry though,stop dawdling and Mellow Already!

If you liked Friday might love today. And thursday. And monday. The sun is slipping below the horizon earlier at night, basketball is now back on the tube and "Back to school" Sales are under way. But fate couldn't be bothered with our calendars and strange habits. Summer has tons oomph left, As the next few days will teach you.

the theory is that, My job gets just a little easier in August. The upper planet is still warm, But surface heat range cool a few degrees, Meaning a more stable sky expenses; Less prone to meltdowns of heavy thunderstorms. gusts of wind ease, Dew points dip a few degrees as the worst of heat tails off. in theory.

august is, an average of, much more mellow than June.

The Doppler will be delightfully blob free into Monday, But models show a thunder risk by Tuesday possibly more organized/widespread showers on wednesday before we dry out again.

ECMWF shows 90 degree heat possible the following 4 days, But we do cool off later.

on average MSP sees 13 days of 90 degree heat every summer. this kind of year? approximately 20 25 is my semi educated guess.

quality of air Alert Extended Into Sunday Statewide. unremarkably the smoke stays aloft, But questionable (sinking air) And an inversion will trap some of that smoke near a floor in the coming days. Here's an clip of an update from Patch: "The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued an air quality alert for the complete state of Minnesota. Officials say smoke from wildfires in western Canada will continue to affect Minnesota Friday into Saturday. a very "Thick baby blanket of smoke" is anticipated to arrive in the atmopshere Friday afternoon. An air quality alert is issued when air quality indices need to reach or exceed 101, A level viewed as unhealthy for sensitive groups. Officials say folks lung disease, symptoms of asthma, ailment, toddlers and older adults, And people who find themselves active outdoors should limit "going on too long exertion,

start smoking Plumes. I snapped this visible image around midday yesterday; Thickest smoke over the northern Half of minnesota and the Red River Valley.

administering Smoke. Runs a model that shows the planned path of smoke plumes the thickest smoke (And greatest health risks to people with difficult) Remains across the Dakotas into Montana and Wyoming a few days ago.

Who activities the Most Oppressive Heat? Factoring in duration of humidity that honor goes to Louisiana and eastern Texas (hey Houston!) view story at Forbes. Map thanks to NOAA NCEI and Brian Brettschneider.

Hurricane Forecasters Lower Atlantic Hurricane Season prediction. then again, all it takes is one. The water is simply too cool for sustained hurricane formation, in NOAA: "Conditions in the ocean and the atmosphere are conspiring to generate a less active Atlantic hurricane season than initially predicted in May, Though NOAA and FEMA are raising caution as the growing season enters its peak months. "There are still more storms to come the hurricane season is certainly not over. Seasonal forecasters with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center have increased the possibilities of a below normal Atlantic hurricane season to 60 percent (Up from 25 percent in May) In the refreshed outlook, issued today. the odds of a near normal season is now at 30 percent, And risking potential an above normal season has dropped from 35 percent to 10 percent,

Tornadoes on the northeastern May Be a Sign of Things to Come. The link between a warming climate and tornado frequency/intensity is still largely unproven, But patterns are shifting there's little doubt that. In a summer already marked by simmering heat that scientific study has linked to global warming, Is global warming also making tornadoes more common in places where they once were infrequent? Though single weather events are distinct from the more broadly changing climate, wipeout of the earths does influence weather patterns. all the same, Any link between climate change and the frequency of tornadoes is far from very simple, according to researchers,

Photo compliment: "Debris cluttered Betty and Tom Therrien's yard after a tornado swept with the area near Douglas, large, finally month, CreditChristine Peterson/Worcester Telegram Gazette, Via joined Press.

California's Viral Fire Tornado Has Scientists looking out for Answers. These spinning columns of air are, By classification, Connected both to a cloud system above and the ground below. what are named as pyrocumulous clouds (in addition to the pyrocumulonimbus thunderclouds) Form as heat rises above a wildfire's smoke plume, cools, along with condenses, Creating the opportunity of a tornado to form. But these clouds typically only emerge at high altitudes due to their intense heat of the flames. What that means is that any vortex connected to both a fire generated cloud system and the ground will undoubtedly be big. according to Clements, The one that formed inside the Carr Fire on the evening of July 26 was of a pyrocumulonimbus system that extended tens of thousands of feet up into the stratosphere,

Photo historical past: "The results of the Carr Fire tornado, photographic: Craig Clements / Fire Weather Research you.

the very Era of Megafires: The Crisis Facing California and What can happen Next. Has point of view on the record fires gripping California and much of the western USA: "so. cal,cali. is no stranger to fire. The temperate winters and reliably dry summers that make the Golden state such an attractive place to live are the same conditions that make this region extremely flammable places on Earth. But even for a region at home with fire, The continuing wildfire siege has proven freakish. is usually is only early August, Numerous substantial, fast moving, And exceptionally intense fires have already burned vast swaths of land throughout the state consuming tens of millions of acres and thousands of homes and claiming at least nine lives, and this includes four firefighters. State and national firefighting resources are stretched to their limits; Choking smoke inundated hawaii capital of Sacramento; And much of Yosemite national park is closed forever,

Photo historical past: "Firefighters with Cal Fire tackle spot fires near the town of Clearlake Oaks in northern cal, photos: level McKenna/Zuma Wire/REX/Shutterstock

NASA filling a Craft to the Sun. no problem to avoid melting they'll fly at night. "the passenger truck is the Parker Solar Probe, it really is set to launch at 3:33AM ET on tuesday, may 11th, hailing from Cape Canaveral, the texas area. "it can be riding on a Delta IV Heavy rocket made by the United Launch Alliance, that send the probe zooming toward the inner Solar System, documents The Verge. "Just six weeks after unveiling, Parker will do a flyby of Venus to switch its route slightly, and then also six weeks later, the vehicle will be in the corona. during seven years, Parker will do 24 orbits around the perimeter of star, As well as six more Venus flybys so that it may get even closer to the Sun's surface over time,

File persona: NASA SDO, starts 15.

Clean Energy Jobs in mn. Bring Me The News has the actual stats: "The clean energy industry continues to strengthen in Minnesota, Now information technology for 2 percent of total jobs in the state. As of the particular of 2017, there were 59,079 clean energy industry workers in mn, a suitable 2.6 nought per cent rise on the year before. Energy and jobs report. Is Cow uk, And Other Lessons within this Land Use Map. i had no idea, and for the record I'm very pro cattle. Is covered with cattle. More than one third of the part of the contiguous states is given up to pasture more than any other land use type. nearly all of it is for cows, With smaller areas nibbled by horses, as well as sheep/goats/other. About a quarter of pastureland is federally employed, Mainly in the eu states. Could it consider place again? If account is any guide (generally is) the solution, regrettably there's, is yes. The crisis itself was a huge wealth convert. The obama administration should have forced a lot more recognition of the losses. These deficits were real. they will likely have forced more loan write downs. And recognition of the loss to the economic climate. And they will likely have had a huge stimulus to offset the downdraft of recognizing those losses. And in fact the japanese, Early from their crisis, They said the biggest mistake we made was not writing down the bad loans in the banking system. "Don't repeat our error in judgment, And we did this in a more indirect manner by having the Fed engineer these super low interest rates that were a transfer from savers to the financial system. Economist Ed Kane stated that basically savers lost $300 billion in income a year,

stress to Work in Pain. A Quarter of massachusetts Construction Deaths Are in Construction. a story at caught my eye: "Relying on skill and strength to raise up tall, vertical ads and spruce up homes, engineering workers routinely face difficult and dangerous working conditions. Now a massachusetts study has identified an overlooked hazard linked to their jobs: terminal opioid overdoses. The report by the massachusetts Department of Public Health found that nearly a quarter of overdose deaths in a five year period occurred among people, only men, Who work in the construction industry. Farmers and fishermen also had compared to average rates of overdose deaths. And a great example is this whole Thucydides trap. If you go to DC right now or if you read almost any foreign policy magazine or even scholarly journals that talk about East Asia it is essentially a the usual understanding now. in a nut-shell I would say scholars and policymakers from the left and from the right, Almost everybody takes for granted in the world that "China's rise would be a threat, that "We better expect you'll contain, that many "There's going to be any a titanic struggle, But most of this is based not on what China is doing but is founded on a belief that "It must usually happen, So just simply wait. It very likely are not happening now, But it's possible in the future,

People Tend so far People "Out health of their League, No joking. explains: "Online daters tend to pursue time "Out of league, According to a new study that used a unique method to analyze a large online dating website in Boston and three other major US cities. The study dependant on people's "Desirability" utilize the PageRank algorithm, Which is planned by the founders of Google to rank Web pages. The study found that both males and females both pursued partners who were about 25 percent more desirable than they themselves were. And they tended to write longer messages the more desirable the person they were conntacting,

A Novel Way to cool off. completely no, this is definitely (appear to) as opposed to a hoax. But heat in the cold storage room at Lars Koch's Edeka supermarket are a cool 6 degrees Celsius. go on Friday, Koch decided in promoting a rather unusual offer: Customers could pay to spend time in the room. the buying: 3 euros for 2 calling; Or 5 euros for 5 minute. Those wishing to take more time can purchase 10 sittings for 20 euros. down and dirty level fans could spend 2 minutes in the freezer room ( 20 degrees fahrenheit) For 5 dollars.

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