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#Baarbara - Says,

I was just served to go to court for an unpaid credit card debit. can they garmish my SSI, SSD and workers comp benefits? I moved to Florida from NY in June 2009
#Aaron - Says,

Hi Baarbara,

Social Security cannot be garnished under the rules of the Federal Law. However, it may get garnished for alimony purposes and child support. Can you tell me if this is Social Security for disability or the Supplemental Security Income, which is also a kind of social security. This however cannot be garnished at all. Social Security benefits are as such funded by Social Security Taxes, while the Supplemental Security Income is funded by the general tax revenues.

However, in Florida wages can be garnished. You may not even be served with a notice before the garnishment.



#NightStar - Says,

They may still try to freeze your bank account to grab the funds, in that case the bank will put a hold from you accessing the funds, they will eventually release it again once they discover your income is exempt, but it could be for a period of time.

When you know you have a judgment, it is in your best interest to empty out the checking account so they don't swipe fund you need to pay rent and utilities - this can cause all kinds of problems waiting to get that money back.

My ex was just telling me that he had the same thing happen, and that the company did actually get the money, they paid it back but they were sneaky, they kept $30 of the money, and told the court house that they had paid it all back. So just take the money out to be on the safe side.

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