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I am trying to pay my Bealls Florida bill on line. Where are you suppost to register to do it? This is not a people friendly setup. I have tried before. If I can't do it I will stop using my Bealls credit card.

#Aaron - Says,

Hi nglhutch,

You visit the Bealls website, and first sign up with them on-line. Then only can you register for the on-line payment option.

Hope this helps.



#Patricia Lamb - Says,

I live in Canada, I call customer service to assist me paying my bill, they said there would be a charge if I were to pay by going through a support person, I asked how to register on line and she gave me a web site I tried that website but when it came to my social service number it wouldn't take it.
I would like to see my statement on line and pay my bills.

#Dorothy Whiteman - Says,

Called to make payment by phone & was told there would be a $15 fee but there would be no charge if paid online. All I keep getting is bill consolidation message and comments from other frustrated people. This is ridiculous. How do I make my payment--it's only $25.88 but is due tomorrow, 4/12/12.
#Patricia M Howard - Says,

Hello, Like all of these above comments, I was unable to pay my bill online. If I am unable to do this, I plan to cancel my Beall's credit card. I just want to make my payment. Thank You, Pat Howard
#Nancy Black - Says,

This is the most rediculious system that I have ever seen. You get a representative on the phone after waiting 20 minutes and several phone calls and they still tell you that you have to pay $15.00 to make a payment. In this day and these times I would think that you would welcome a payment at any time by any means without a charge. I am sure that you have delinquent accounts that you would be begging for payments on, but you penalize the person like myself who is only trying to keep my account up to date. This makes no sense to me. I love the store and the in store service, but this is rediculious!!!! How do I make a payment online. Please make this website more user friendly. Thanks, A loyal customer for years.
#Olga Matulova - Says,

Haw i can pay bill? online
#Rick Matchett - Says,

#barba - Says,

i am trying o pay my bealls bill. How do you pay online?
#Sandra Warrell - Says,

June 1, 2012, I am trying to pay my online bill as usual. I have nothing that says Bealls payment so I will not process it. Please help!
#shirley overholt - Says,

How can I make a payment today using my checking account
#GMURRAY - Says,

Like all the above comments, I am having the same problem. I have had this problem many times. It is asking me for my email and when I enter it, I get a message that this is not in your database. What is the problem? I get emails all the time. This is very aggravating. I have been a good customer for a long time, but this makes me want to close my account!
#Judy Fuchs - Says,

I am going away for a couple of months.
#jose vigil - Says,

it is hard to make a bealls card payment...... please close my account
#Kim Yates - Says,

How do i pay my bill online can't find the web site to do it.
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