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#davidwalker023 - Says,

Do you have a considerable amount of credit card debt? Many times people are unaware that you can lower your credit card interest rates simply by calling and asking your credit card company. If you tend to carry a high balance each month it can really save you money lowering your rate. Even if your rate is only lowered a few percentage points I highly recommend making the call.

I see too many people these days with huge interest rates of 18% plus and it is sad they don't realize that they are probably capable of receiving much lower rates.

Give it a try today, call your company and see if they can lower your rate for you. A 10 minute call can potentially save your thousands of $ in interest.

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#fireyone - Says,

Hello, My question is does it effect your credit score if you call and ask the creditor for a lower interest rate? I would be inclined to think that it may have a negative effect. If not then I would imagine everyone would try to go this route. It really would be great if a person could do this, especially with a lower balance card, then you could get it paid off mroe quickly. Also how long do companies let you have the lower rate?
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

(Just making a comment here..) I wouldn't think it would effect your credit score, in a 'negative' sense. I think, if anything, it would improve your credit a bit. If a lender sees that a CC, on your credit, has a low % rate, that should be an advantage to the consumer.
#hgimmy229 - Says,

That is a valid point. Please make sure when you contact the credit cards companies that you find out if the reduced rate is a fixed rate or a variable interest rate.

A fixed interest rate is a a rate that stays the same through out your whole repayment term of the balance. Fixed rates generally increase when your account is in a default status. Very seldom do creditors give fixed interest rates on credit cards. Generally, the only time you get a fixed rate is when you are ready to close your card & pay down your balance.

A variable interest rate is a rate that fluctuates do to current economic conditions, credit scores, & repayment history with the creditor (current or delinquent). This is the most popular rate that creditors apply on credit card debt because the rates fluctuates do to the above listed factors.

Please remember, your credit card companies makes their money based upon the amount of interest they charge on your outstanding debt.

When you call your credit card companies, unless you close your account, when you ask for a reduced rate, most likely they will give you a variable interest rate rather then a fixed interest rate.

Always make sure that you read the terms of the card member agreement that you signed when you accepted the credit card which will also confirm what terms you accepted the card under.

If in need of free financial counseling, please do not hesitate to contact me.

- Thank You -

Respectfully Yours,

Heather Gimmy

#Barbara_Elena - Says,

Hi fireyone,

It is actually the other way round. If you have a good credit score, you can get a lower interest rate on your credit card. Your credit score is always referred to, when your creditors are deciding on your interest rate or your credit limit on your card.

#Amanda W - Says,

just asking for a lower interest rate wont hurt your score. However, if you opt for debt consolidation, it will affect your score negatively. But, if you make regular timely monthly payments, your credit rating will improve over time.
#tracy - Says,

Eliminating credit card debt might be a little difficult, but surely isn't impossible. To know more, read on. A little effort on your part today is sure go a long way towards a healthy financial future!
#Bud - Says,

The second worst thing you can do to your credit is perform a debt consolidation plan, behind only bankruptcy. The really crappy part of debt consolidation plans in my opinion is that they can stay on your credit for up to 14 years. The reason it is so crappy in my opinion is people who choose to do the right thing and pay off their debtors are punished. People who go ahead and file bankruptcy can get the bankruptcy off of their credit in 10 years or less. That doesn't make any sense to me, but it is what it is.
#Aaron - Says,

Hi Bud,

Debt consolidation can hurt your score. However, all these depends on what kind of debt the person has and how he is handling the debt.



#williamsjohn - Says,

hello ,
i think it will be a good option to follow , if someone has good transaction and flow of debt-credit monthly , then he may ask the company to offer some good,beneficial rates of interest ,
the discussion regarding this matter will be more helpful

#SilverDollar - Says,

Hmmm... for me, it's okay to let my credit be like that. It's all about management by controlling yourself in using it. You can always use alternative ways in making sure that you won't be tempted of getting used to it. I have a card and my credit already increased big time, but i can always manage it. I only use it for emergency purposes only or by purchasing plane tickets whenever i travel.
#crorkz - Says,

bxRj5X A round of applause for your blog article.Thanks Again. Great.
#Ashley Johnson - Says,

Ashley Johnson by name, from Arkansas’s State. I’m a divorced mom of 2 autistic kids with a substantial income. We were going to lose our home because I didn’t have the credit score to purchase it. I had already worked with a hacker that almost wrecked my account with zero result. He also introduced one of his friends who tried to help but couldn’t because of the new security on the credit bureaus, they were unsuccessful but if I paid $1200 more, they would send me a cloned Credit Card and it is nothing but another big mess. I continued making more research on whom to help me with my credit until I saw and read some reviews from people saying HACKWEST help people who have alarming poor credit. I texted on +1 (424) 307 2638) and emailed ( asking if everything I heard and read were legit that I am interested in his service ASAP. I got a responds and further explained the process although I was lucky they are on promo discount so the cost was supper substantial. We moved on and West actually did all he said he would do within 7 business days and now I’m happy sitting on an average high credit score of 790 across the 3 major credit bureaus with no negative items on it.
#James885 - Says,

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#Kpos Kane - Says,

It's always very discomforting to talk about our personal confidential information, especially when it comes down to repairing or fixing our credit. I can guarantee anyone that the moment you write Credit Wizard, his empathy & professionalism will immediately assure you otherwise. His profound understanding about the credit industry & very reasonable billing is second to none. I will recommend THECREDITWIZARD@WRITEME.COM to anyone I know in need of help with their credit. I’m happily free from all debts including credit cards debts and student loans just after I trusted him with my funds and information, my score jumped to 760 from low 400 in less than a month. What else can I say than to say “Thank You” for giving me a new life.
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