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#Aaron - Says,

See, you have to explain things to your wife and come to terms with your expenses. The fact that you can't sleep peacefully and that you eat out of stress is causing more harm to you than she realizes now. If you're charging all expenses on your credit cards, then you'd probably end up sharing the same fate as that of millions of others here. I'm sure you don't wanna get buried under a huge debt burden sooner or later.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

My EX hubby use to be like that. We would be really behind in bills, couldn't pay the rent, etc. He would come home with $300.00 worth of baseball that he "bought for a great deal!" (How could he afford ALL of that when we had eviction notices?!) I funally just had to leave (amoung other issues we were having)! It just got too much! Some people never learn..I suppose. He moved back in with his parents and told tem I "never paid bills that's why we fell behind all the time." GOSH..was crazy to go through.
#SilverDollar - Says,

If you have cards. cut it with scissors and just pay your remaining debt. If you have an atm/debit card; then open another bank account with no atm card but only passbook. This is something that can be controlled and don't forget to really explain it to your partner that you want to save for a greater cause. goodluck buddy!
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I'm assuming your wife doesn't work (you didn't say either way..). But..she needs to realize that you need to pay the bills FIRST and stay 'within your means' when spending 'extra' cash. Great advice from the above posters!! If you have CC's cut them all up and just use one. The one you use keep it on you at ALL times, if you can. I'm sure it's frustrating!!
#matzcrorkz - Says,

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#crorkz - Says,

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#Barbara Fontana - Says,

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#Alexis Brooklyn - Says,

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