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#laf0801 - Says,

Put your question here ...Should it be deleted from the other two credit reporting agencies? I am puzzle by this process.
#carol - Says,

ya it will be deleted from other agencies . But time can vary for deletion.
#goodnatured - Says,

I had to send a copy to all three reporting agencies because the credit card company that I was dealing with did not follow through the way they said they would. Once they got their money, I never heard from them again, so I copied the paid in full and mailed it to each credit reporting agencies and then followed up with them in about thirty days.
#SunDevilsFan - Says,

Hold the phones!!! Very Happy

Just because you were fortunate that one baddie was deleted from one credit report doesn't mean that it will be deleted from the OTHER reports.. at least automatically...

You have to dispute the baddie with the other reports as well... But, this time you have proof (should have at least) that the baddie couldnt be proven it was yours on the first go around....or whatever the case was in your situation..

So, in short... each credit report acts differently. And, all of them are independant from each other.. One entry might be one report but maynot be on another.. It all depends on which cr they report to....

Look at all of your credit reports and compare each one... then you will know what I am talking about....

edit: I fingers don't always keep up with my mind....or is it vice versa!??!?!

#Laura - Says,

I have always noticed the differences and of course the calculation of scores are also different for different bureaus.
#LCW - Says,

The credit bureau's have gotten better about deleting bad stuff in a more timely manner. Most will tell you how long a negative item is scheduled to remain on your report. I generally check about thirty days after something was scheduled to drop. If it does, then I dispute it.

Time was when trans union was the bad boy of the big three, a lot of false and out dated information. now it seem that "honor" falls the Experian, and they are happy to do nothing about it. Ever since they got called on the carpet about freecreditreport.com not really being free, the just don't seem to give a hoot any more.

#goodnatured - Says,

LCW, do you know which of these a descent lender is more apt to use, I was always curious about this, any input that you have would be great. You mention transunion, and experian, how about the other one that is out there?
#anthony - Says,

As far as I know lenders check a merged report. The three bureaus have created an innovative Vantage score which helps the lender to evaluate a consumers credit file across the three major CRA's.

There is no such mostly used CRA but Equifax has better initiatives I think.

#diem - Says,

There is nothing obligating the other CRAs to delete. Usually they do, but ALOT of times they dont. I dealt with that during my credit repair phase.

e-OSCAR is a web-based, Metro 2 compliant, automated system that enables Data Furnishers (DFs), and Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) to create and respond to consumer credit history disputes. CRAs include Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, their affiliates or Independent Credit Bureaus and Mortgage Reporting Companies. e-OSCAR also provides for DFs to send "out-of-cycle" credit history updates to CRAs.

The system primarily supports Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV) and Automated Universal Dataform (AUD) processing as well as a number of related processes that handle registration, subscriber code management and reporting.

ACDVs initiated by a CRA on behalf of a consumer are routed to the appropriate Data Furnisher based on the CRA and subscriber code affiliations indicated by the DF. The ACDV is returned to the initiating CRA with updated information (if any) relating to the consumer's credit history. If an account is modified or deleted, carbon copies are sent to each CRA with whom the DF has a reporting relationship.

AUDs are initiated by the DF to process out-of-cycle credit history updates. The system is used to create the AUD and route it to the appropriate CRA(s) based on subscriber codes specified by the DF in the AUD record. The e-OSCAR AUD process is intended to provide the CRA with a correction to a consumer's file that must be handled outside of the regular activity reporting cycle process. e-OSCAR may not be used to add or create a record on a consumer's file or as substitute for "in-cycle" reporting to the CRAs.

They rely on e-oscar but it doesnt always work!

#fireyone - Says,

Good info Diem. Do most lenders really rely on the vantage score now more than just one credit reporting agency? When we went to combine some loans last Jan at our bank they used experian.
#erb1953 - Says,

oh god the most uncooperative one when it comes to helping out the consumer, lOL, that is a drag
#fireyone - Says,

I see you have not had good dealings with them? I never had to deal with them directly to remove anything so I don't know much.
#erb1953 - Says,

I see through the posts that transunion and equifax are more willing to change things if there is any doubt at all in the favor of the consumer, this does not happen with experian, they are more likely to be on the side of the collector.
#goodnatured - Says,

I think there should be one standard that they are all set to abide by, a credit report can affect alot in ones life, so they should be held to a high standard of reporting. Like when some collection agency will not validate a debt, if they won't validate it, then they should not be able to report it.
#fireyone - Says,

I totally agree and think it is an excellent idea but what we think seems to have little importance. Just think how much simplier it would make a person life if places had to verify a debt before even listing it on a report.
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