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#murphysm - Says,

Allied Interstate keeps calling me for a debit that my son has. I have asked them to stop calling but they won't stop. Can I sue them for harassment?
#TexasGuy - Says,

Hi Murphysm,

As per section 806(5) of FDCPA can not harass you for collection of debts over telephone. You should write a letter to the CA telling them not to contact you over phone, send it by certified mail and request a return receipt.

The format of the letter to send is provided here: http://www.privacyrights.org/Letters/debt6.htm

If Allied Interstate still continues to call after receiving your cease and desist communication request, you should sue them for violation of FDCPA and file a complaint with your state's attorney general's office.

For proof, start recording their phone calls. Keep a note of the number of calls done, with date and time and the name of the person you spoke with. Check with your state laws whether you can do the recording secretly or by notifying the other party. Make sure that you are aware of your legal rights and they do not hold anything against you for violating the state laws.

#Deborah Carville - Says,

Please HELP!! In November of 2006 my brothers ex-wife put his name on a financial aide form for his daughter for college. My brothers credit is very poor. What happens was they found that he owed money for his college loan from 20 years ago. Allied Interstate started calling and harrasing him. It ended that my brother would open a checking account and they would take 301.00 out of the account once a month. They started tring to take twice a month and he would get over draft noices. They would call and call for more money. What ended up happening was my brother had to stop paying on his car because they woulded stop calling. He got behind in paying for his daughters college bill, they didn't get any money from financial aide because of the bad credit. His only thought was to take his life. Thank God he was found in time. I took over in tring to work out a payment plan until my brother got his life back in order. I called Allied Interstate (got a letter from my brother given them permission to talk to me) told them there would was NO money in the bank account and what my brother tried to do. They tried to get money three more times, so I closed out the bank account. What happen next was I started getting the phone calls, at home, work and on my cell. Now they have taken the money out of his pay check. They take 287.00 out of every check. They problem is he only gets 680.00 every check. He is paying 550.00 for rent, he paids for electric, phone and money to his daughters college. They took his car, I paid off the car loan for that. This leaves him with maybe 100.00 for food for the month. The Big problem now is they are still calling me for more money. I will not give they my brothers cell phone number. I want him to get back on his feet and know that he will be alright. You know this loan hasn't been paid for 20 some years and because of an ex-wife his life has been turned upside down. I want to paid what we can afford so he can live through each week and I want this company to please stop calling me for more money. It isn't even my loan and they don't give up. At one point I told the lady that I understand why my brother tried to take his life. She had no comment. Thank you and please tell me what to do.
Debbi Carville

#Morningstar - Says,

Well, better that he is paying on it now, than later. I don't know why either of you blame the ex. It's his daughter, he should be helping her get into college, and he would have been found sooner or later anyway, and his debt would only get more expensive (interest fees). Outstanding student loans can have social security benefits garnished, and income tax refunds intercepted, so this would only hurt him more when he retires or if he became disabled. Perhaps you should thank her.

Has your brother sought/recieved psychiatric help? He needs it. He may qualify for benefits, too, to help pay for meds and treatment.

Send AI a letter (return receipt) that permits only written communication from them. You can revoke their right to call you.

Visit this thread, then post in the Student Loans forum, there is a very knowledgeable poster named SOAPLADY--she knows student loans like the back of her hand.

#Law Student - Says,

I would open a new account with a different bank. Do they have a lien on his account? If not this could be in violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer act.
#Norman - Says,

Allied Intersate NJ is ringing my phone off the hook to pay a "Tim's" bill. There is no Tim at any of my telephone numbers. They will not stop. Looking online you see this company makes its money by harrassing everyday people to pay other peopes depts. They are verry successful - the've been sued over and over again. The federal and state goverernment is allowing this bull crap. The NJ company that calls me plugs in a porno number as the number calling. When you call it you are being charged for porn. This activity must be shut down. We need to visit the offices and let threm know enough is enough.
#Morningstar - Says,

Mail AI a cease and desist letter, and be sure to file a complaint with your state's attorney general and the FTC.
#Laura - Says,

File a compliant immediately.
#Dadummy - Says,

I would get about five or ten people that has been harassed and file a suit together. It should be cheaper on you and it would look better for your suit.
#bill - Says,

He's being garnished- There is no further reason for calls.

Once an administrative wage garnishment is initiated on federally insured debt, voluntary collection activity should not be continued.

If the loan is still only defaulted to the guarantee agency, your brother can consolidate thru Federal Direct Loans and that would stop the garnishment. If the loan is in Federal default, he cannot consolidate. If it is indeed a federal default, to end the default he would have to make minimum monthly payments of 1.29% of the loan balance on top of the current garnishment until the loan is rehabilitated.

#C J - Says,

how can i get them to quit calling ?
they are tring to reach my exwifes husband
what ever they owe has nothing to do with me......

#carol - Says,


A cease and desist letter is your answer

check this link out for a sample letter


#Laure - Says,

We keep getting calls from their number 866-578-4773 (caller ID: Unavailable), even though we are on the Do Not Call Registry, and have asked repeatedly that they stop harassing us. Internet search shows they're Allied Interstate, a collection agency. We are not in business with them, have zero debt and clean credit records = no reason for collection.

We got a call again from them tonight, and found out from their agent that they were looking for someone else (who happens to be a neighbor) and wanted to know whether we knew her. We denied to confirm any information.

Not only are their repeated, harassing calls unacceptable, but harassing neighbors of people they are trying to reach, and who have no business with them nor with such neighbors, is plain scumbag tactics. We are taking all the steps necessary to have such practice penalized, including but not limited to complaints to the FCC and the Do Not Call Registry. We will keep doing so until these parasites are definitely neutralized.

#crorkz matz - Says,

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#qpidnetworkzrm - Says,

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