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#bcampbell0522 - Says,

I got a pay day loan from Interim Cash Ltd, and they refuse to give me a mailing address to pay loan. They call my home and my job over 10 time a day every day. - Says,

I have an address for their office in Nevada:

Interim Cash Limited
1005 Derminal Lane, or Derminal Way
Suite 102-Reno, Nevada 89502

Good Luck

Shari Cole

#Sherry - Says,

You guys need to report Interim cash to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. They are being investigated for fraudulent practices. You can file both complaints on line.
#carol - Says,

Thanks a lot for the information Sherry. We will for sure report them. I hope the others will as well.
#goodnatured - Says,

Hopefully, the more reports the better, then the information will be out there to warn others too.
#fireyone - Says,

Everyone has to be willing to report. some people tend to think what will my one report do to make a difference. It makes a big difference because if everyone said that same thing then nobody would know what kind of wolves are out there.
#anthony - Says,

SO let us start from here. Whoever has personal experience or knows about this place go ahead and report it. Of course your claim should be valid.
#Guest - Says,

This company is also known as BIG limited and Cash today Limited and Cash2Day4U. They are highly illegal and the best way to deal with them is to file complaints with you state AG, BBB and the FTC, all these offices would be interested in hearing what you have to say about this company. I would suggest if at all possible DO NOT talk to them if they happen to call. Let the phone call go to voice mail.
#dstudent - Says,

That last post was from me, deeannstudent, originally from debt forums.
#carol - Says,

Hi dstudent

Welcome to the forum Smile.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

#Rey - Says,

I also took a 200 dollar loan from this company in 2006. I repaid this loan over and over costing me over 1000 dollars in bank fees.May 06 2008 this same company calls me and says I owe them over 6000 dollars in fees which caused me to just hang up the phone in shock.The next day these people call my supervisor and tell him that if i dont return their phone call in 1 hour they will call my HR department and have my wages garnished.I return their phone call and they tell me they will settle for 1650.I tell them i need to speak to an attorney because this doesnt seem legal and after going back and forth for several minutes they say they will settle for 400 dollars.I dont feel I should pay another dime and closed my bank account today.They still had access to my account and tried unsuccessfully to obtain 75 dollars costing me yet again more bank fees.What can I do?
#scott - Says,

Hi Rey,

I think you should immediately contact your attorney and make a complain against the company to the FTC. The FTC complain form can be obtained from the link$.startup.

#goodnatured - Says,

how do they want you to pay it?
#glossygirl - Says,

Does anyone know the phone number for Global Financial Services? They told me I could pay off my loan for $35 per pay and would take off $50 after every 5 payments (I originally borrowed $300; when I closed my checking account, they couldn't get money and after them offering the above, saying I owed $1000 with fees, I stupidly gave them my new account information, being relieved that this would get paid off). This has been going on for about a year now and I'm tired of them taking money from me, with apparently no end in sight. I live in Ohio and would appreciate any help in rectifying this.
#anthony - Says,

Hi glossygirl

I found the following address and phone number for Global financial Services
Address: 1 State Street, 21st
New York, NY 10004
Phone No: 212-480-4900

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