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#frioletta - Says,

Allied Interstate:
I am a 60 yr old disabled woman currently having to file bankruptcy for the huge unverified debts that reporting agencies and collectors have put on me. I was a victim of identity theft twice. In year 1985 and later very seriously in 2002.
but I doubt that even that is the author. Often they have even the wrong SSI! and want me to give them MINE!

Now as I file bankruptcy This company has a slew of collections that are not even on my credit reports that were pulled up to find debts ascribed to me. And it is to late to put them on my bankruptcy! I am too old to rebuild my credit again without these false debts and my own one charge off being removed.
Any solutions?

#Morningstar - Says,

Are you filing chap. 7 or chap 13?
I'm pretty sure a case named beazley would allow you to add pre-existing debts not included on a discharged BK after the fact in a chap 7. Check with a lawyer for more details.

Regarding the 2002 ID theft...

Did you file a police report?
Did you contact the FTC?
There are steps in place to help consumers deal with ID theft...
Once you go through the necessary hoops, if a collection agency continues to attempt collections, sue them for the appropriate FDCPA (debt collection) and FCRA (credit reporting) violations.

For any debt from back (except student loans) in '85, you can send a cease and desist letter, telling AI you dispute the debt in it's entirety, the debt has passed the statute of limitations, and that they are now prohibited from trying to contact you in any form in the future regarding the circa '85 debts. After receipt of this letter, if they continue attempting collections on those debts, find a lawyer (start with, and sue them for FDCPA vio's.

#Morningstar - Says,

Also, send debt validation letters to AI (or any other creditor/collection agency for that matter). You can find several good ones on the debt forums board at the top of this page.

Are you filing BK because of the debts that are not yours? You'll end up having to do a lot of work to rebuild your credit if you file bankruptcy. Use BK as a last resort. Send letters to each credit reporting agency, creditor/collection agency disputing the debts that are not yours. It's not an easy, or quick process, but avoid BK at all costs if at all possible.

#BSmith - Says,

I am looking for a contact number for Interstate Credit Collections
#Laura - Says,

Sales Meg Weiss
Sales Manager
Phone: (336) 777-3595 ext. 1583
(800) 722-2141, ext 1583

Administration Celeste Cantres
Phone: (336) 777-3585
(800) 722-2141, ext 1585

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3136
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3136

Hope this helps

#holly - Says,

I have been trying to contact Allied interstate to pay off a dept and cant seem to find a phone number they are all out of service, or leave you on hold for a hour and the disconnect...someone please help this is so urgent!!!!
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