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#mray - Says,

I'm helping out my parents close many of their open, yet dormant accounts. My mom especially has about four different accounts with similar "Account Names" on her CR. They are:

I tried to do an internet search, but could only come up with some very vague contact information for one of the companies...are they all the same, or is that too simple an answer? Any suggestions?

#Morningstar - Says,

I'm thinking those are all Wells Fargo accounts. Perhaps a good place to start would be a local branch.
#Melinda - Says,

Thanks, I'll let her know to try there first. Smile I was thinking they were all a part of the WFNNB Corp. But all of her cards within that spectrum are accounted for on the CR.
#Guest - Says,

it is indeed wells fargo financial. It was on my report from a furniture store account I forgot about. try this:
LAS VEGAS , NV 89193 (800) 477-3004

#Laura - Says,

Thanks a lot for your information Guest.
#Guest - Says,

This is guest again, sorry it is not wells fargo., i got confused as I have both
WFNNB (wells fargo) and

#Laura - Says,

#de911ems - Says,

This is Wells Fargo : either credit cards or loans address is 3201 north 4th ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 I dont have a phone number.
#crackerjack - Says,

Have you tried the bbb.org, what is it listed as on their credit report? They should be spelled out there. goodluck, I hope you find the information that you are looking for.
#Laura - Says,

This is a lot of information about wells fargo.
#guest - Says,

It's on my report as well. Except it's paired with WFFNATLBNK BEALS. And Beals was a department store card I applied for and never used.
#crackerjack - Says,

bbb.org will also give you other names and acronyms used by the company, go there and see what you can find.
#goodnatured - Says,

the better business bureau is a great resource for people trying to find out information on companies, you can also file a complaint there too.

They have a resource library that has that offers alot of good information also, like buying a used car and returning items, and many, many more topics. If you are looking for it, it is probably there somewhere.

#Richard - Says,

Hi Guest,

If it is reflecting in your report with Beals that suggests that it has been reported from that company whose card you never used. If you have not used the card try and dispute it with the bureau where its reflecting. Call up the organization and try to find out how they have reported when you never used the card. They must have charged the monthly fees which you were liable to pay. Please keep us updated.

#lady in NM - Says,

I am trying to find out who "WF FIN BANK WFFNB" is: on 8/23; 8/30; 9/14; & 9/17 someone tried to withdraw money from my son's account of $75.00 for the first three and purchase on 9/17 of $146.68 through this bank. Luckly, my son did not have money in his account and I am a joint owner so who has to dish out $89.20 for fees? By the way, we had his account closed. Can anyone help me?
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