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#KJ - Says,

I recently received a notice from a CA that i have an unpaid balance of $120 that was due for a well man visit.
The last i visited the docs office was on Jan 2006. I dint wait but paid in full. I was also informed that this would be reported to the CRA's. Now when i pulled out my credit reports i find nothing has been reported. I find hard to take credit.

The docs office claims that they had send me several bills but i never received them. They are not willing to show the receipt also. Im not getting getting credit because my report says that i am unable to pay. Why am i being put into this mess? Its not my fault. I am perfectly good with my payments.

Please help!!

#Laura - Says,


Did you get in touch with the CA? Do you have all the record of communication made by them? How did you pay the CA?

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