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#maferena - Says,

what does Wffnatbank mean on your credit report
#Laura - Says,

Hi Maferena,

This is perhaps the Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.. Have you any card issued through them?

#anthony - Says,

Hi Maferena,

If this is the company that you mean it works for diverse financial services. What else does it show with the name of the bank? There might have been a credit inquiry. Can you confirm?


#Sherri - Says,

WFFNATBANK stands for Wells Fargo National Bank. On my credit report it lists the address as PO Box 94498 Las Vegas, NV 89193 without a telephone number available.
#Dadummy - Says,

you can check on the internet to see what this is, if you cant find any thing contact one of the referances of credit reporting.
#Betsy - Says,

I have 2 such items showing on my credit report. They were accounts opened with Wells Fargo Bank for my purchases with Stacey's Furniture and Mattress Firm. Even though these were "6 months/same as cash", an account had to be opened just in case I went over the 6 months.
#Henry - Says,

WFFNABANK on your credit report is Wells Fargo. there # is 800-346-3009.
#george - Says,

I think that Sherri is right. WFFNABANK refers to Wells Fargo National Bank.
#fireyone - Says,

Was it Wells Fargo or another person?
#goodnatured - Says,

so there you have it, it must be an old bill coming back to haunt you. goodluck hope you have it removed soon.
#goodnatured - Says,

we shall see, maybe she will go check it and be back to inquire on some more information on the subject.
#fireyone - Says,

That would be a good idea. Well gonna hang this up for the night. Hubby is jealous of my computer. Gosh why couldn't the steeler game been tonight instead of while he was at work.
#Found-It - Says,

Hi, Just talked to Wells Fargo and got the correct number for WFFNATLBNK (Wells Fargo Financial National Bank). They can be contacted at 800-459-8451
#tony - Says,

i do have several mtgs with wells fargo but have not done any activities with them recently. why the inquire
#Guest - Says,

It's probably Shane Co - I bought a ring thru them and it was financed thru WFFNATBANK (Wells Fargo) Customer Service at 1-877-805-7744 and select option 2
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