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#Padawan73 - Says,

I have on my credit report Charter one auto finance, 228 E main st. Rochester, NY 14604-2121. The number listed is out of service and my google search led me to another finance company not affiliated with Charter one....anyone have the number to call about a charge?
#Laura - Says,

Is this the same number?

(585) 238-8600

try this one.

#charles - Says,

No....i have a different number. I will try that number. Thanks
#Laura - Says,

Sure Charles please go ahead Smile
#kellie - Says,

they went out of business. Citizens bank bought them.
#Mary - Says,

Yeah, Kellie is right. Cleveland based Charter One Financial Inc., has been bought by Citizens financial. You can also contact charter one at 1800 247 5685 or write them at
228 East Main Street,
Suite 300, Rochester,
New York (NY), 14604,

#goodnatured - Says,

Hopefully you will be able to get a hold of them and get some resolution here.
#Annie - Says,

Sorry i too have the same number.I missed out his mail id.If you have any id contact him through mail.I will let you number as early as possible,I suppose my friend is having that number.
#fireyone - Says,

I imagine she will have to deal with citizens bank now. soemtimes that is a little tricky when they are just taking over accounts.
#Carol B - Says,

I had a automobile loan with charter one a long time ago which was paid off. We donated our vehicle and now I need a lien release. Who do I contact about this.


#goodnatured - Says,

If the company went out of business you will have a hard time doing this, I am not sure if the agency that you want to donate to has a form to complete.

I am a little confused, if the vehicle is paid off then you should have the title to the vehicle. Maybe if you don't then you can apply for a replacement title from you state vehicle licensing agency. Hope this helps

#fireyone - Says,

I am also confused.Any time we have apid off a vehicle we ended up getting the title in the mail after wards. If they went out of business someone had to take over collecting the accounts. Do you remember if another creditor bought out Charter? If not try looking on the web and then make a call to theat company. If all else if theat gets you no where try calling your atty.general.
#goodnatured - Says,

You definately need to be contacting someone.

I would think that you could file for a new title through you vehicle licensing agency also, here in pennsylvania, you can get a new titile through Penndot.

I would look into this option too.

#Carol B - Says,

We did pay off the loan and I did get our paid receipt back from charter one. The place who we donated the truck to does have the title but Charter One was listed on the title for the lien. If when the loan was paid and I did receive a new title I can't find it.
#Suzanne - Says,

I, too, have a title with Charter One as the lienholder. I paid the car off 9 years ago and want to trade it in now, but DMV tells me I need a lien release from Charter One, which I don't have. Does anyone have any suggestions - I live in Maryland. Thanks.
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