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#shawnpm - Says,

for about 3 or 4 months now my telephone rings from a company callled, Allied Interstate. They call early morning, afternoon, evening. They have called as early as 8:30am and as late as 9:30pm. They even call on weekends. They call any where from 3-5 times per day. With all of this calling, no one has ever left a message, so I have no idea what they are searching for. How can I block allied interstate from calling my telephone?
#Laura - Says,

This is a collection agency. They are perhaps trying to get hold of an unpaid debt. If you do not want them to call please send a certified mails stating that you do not want any further communication with them.

Well if they call again ask them their purpose. If they ask you to repay some loan you can go ahead and send them a debt validation letter.

#morningstar cant sign in - Says,

If they call after 9:00pm, then you have grounds to sue...that is a violation of the FDCPA.
#Laura - Says,

Contacting consumers by telephone outside of the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time is violation of FDCPA.

Yes you can sue them in that case.

#Morningstar - Says,

Shawn, every courthouse is different, but if you keep a log of every call made by AI to you, you might be able to prove harassment under the FDCPA as well.
#Stephen - Says,

I recieve a call from them today. As soon as I heard them ask me for someone else I went on the attact. I demanded to know how they got my phone number. These people know only lies and deceit so when you know they are lieing jump on them like a cat on a mouse. Also tell them nothing.
#Laura - Says,

Report to the Attorney General's office.
#fireyone - Says,

It does sound like the atty generals office needs to be contacted on this company. The sooner the better. The more people the better. Maybe it will put them back in line.
#J gokey - Says,

I broke away from Directv wthin the first few days for just cause. They hung me with a huge termination fee. I was not told anything about an agreement, I only have copy of a work order. I asked by certified letter to have validation - none came. Then came Allied Interstate calling my home. I have sent a validation request by certified mail to them. They still call. Nobody has done anything in writing. It was a big mistake getting involved with DTV.
Would be wiling to enjoin in class action.

#goodnatured - Says,

I just got rid of direct tv, because of the cost continuing to rise and rise, went back to my cable company, of course I waited a few months to pay the balance, I paid like $20 a month until I got it down to like $60 then paid it in full. I too had to deal with a collection agency, I never sent the collection agency a dime, sent it directly to direct tv. The collection agency filed a negative listing on my credit report and I had to dispute it to get it off there. Because I never paid them a dime I was able to have it removed, so pay it directly to direct tv not the collection agency if you decide to pay it at all. The collection agency sent letters, called and called, they did more harm then direct tv and this bill was only like three months behind and I was sending something every month during that three month period.
#fireyone - Says,

Thats a pretty wise move paying direct tv directly. Now that itsd removed the collection agency can not continue to collect right? Why did they turn you over if you were paying every month. I had a medical establishment do this to me. Maybe I will just call them and ask why they went this rtoute.
#jkw - Says,

This company harrasses people ( the wrong people ) for debts that are not yours. They will call 3 to 4 times a day even if you tell them they have the wrong number. They call from the Phillipene Islands with very little english speaking people.
Contact the BBB, your states Attourney Generals Office, and copies of the letter the them certified. The calls should stop.

DO NOT give them any of your info except name and tel number.

#LAWYER - Says,


The Mathews Law Group
2596 Mission Street, Suite 204
San Marino, CA 91108
Phone: 626-683-8291

#Brian Polizzia - Says,

Ive been harassed be Allied Interstate by phone, mail and now on Facebook. Yes they now have a page on Facebook. The debt is over 20 years old. They have refused every settlement I offered. The want the entire payment on a credit card. I am disabled and unable to work. I am also on Social Security. I also tried changing my phone number several times and they still continue to harass me by phone, mail. They have a page on Facebook that then can find, phone numbers and peoples addresses. Their page cant be blocked on that site.
#Russ Hipple - Says,

I have received calls 3-4 times a day with no message, I answered a week ago and was told the call was being recorded. After they identified themselves I told them to cease and desist. Since then they have called 4 more times in the week following. The person told me they have no record of me saying that. They stated this was the first time they ever called me. I also mentioned they were in violation of the fair collections act and hung up.
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