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#tamara_byrd - Says,

i need help repairing my credit score, it's horrible. i want to get a new car and take out a loan to purchase a townhome/home. can anyone point me in the right direction. how can i get a copy of my credit score and credit report.
#Laura - Says,

You are entitled to one free credit report every year from the credit bureaus.

visit this site

Check the report thoroughly. Incase of any incorrect information do dispute the same. Pay your bills on time. Keep your report clean. This will help in increasing your score slowly but steadily.
Dont make haste as Wendy says "Rome was not built in one day". Smile

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Laura........thanks for quoting me!! I feel special!!LOL As u keep paying credit cards, loans, etc., eventually your score will go up. If you try to 'look' for credit, your score may go down, because you have people checking your credit ( and every time someone checks your credit, the score does drop).
#Laura - Says,

I really liked that interpretation Smile....appropriate for the situation.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I want to tell ya'll, about a "credit repair" company, that will "truly imrove your credit by 250 points". it is. I'm not sure if i can state the company on the forum ( if you anyone would like to know, please PM me. 'Quick Messages' aren't working correctly). Anyone..this 'credit repair' company tells you " if you pay your crdit cards, loans, etc., on a consistent basis, your score will go up",....and...." if you 'dispute' old PAID OFF accounts and get them deleted, from your CR, your scorecwill go up, too." HERE IS THE 'CATCH' to there promise.........this CR company can " provide you with a revolving line of credit, to tell lenders you are resonsible enough to have rolving credit".......THE PRICE FOR THIS 'GOOD CREDIT'?( you won't believe this one!!)........"ONLY $1500.00 for 2 -5 years line of credit, $2000.00 for 5- 10 years of revolving credit.. ( and so on), " but, the more line of credit you pay for, the more benfits you will recieve( long line of 'benefits'...I think ya'll are 'getting the picture). crazy!!!! The money, this CR company is asking for, people can pay off a debt with!! I've never dealt with this CR company, but, I just want to tell people the 'inside scoop', of what CR companies are " willing to help you with". Just reading these things makes my stomach turn!!
#gilbert - Says,

my credit score is soooo low that even with alot of home equity, i do not quality for a home equity loan.
#rachael - Says,

Hi gilbert,

It is difficult to qualify for home equity loan with a bad credit score, as lenders consider your credit history before giving the loan. Your credit score should be somewhere between 650 and above to qualify for a home equity loan. Here are 6 simple tips you can follow to gradually raise your credit score:

1) Pull out your credit report and mark the items that are adversely affecting your credit score.
2) Look for any possible errors on the report. Dispute each of them separately with the credit bureaus and remove them.
3) Pay down any old debts that have passed to collections.
4) Keep your credit card utilization rate as low as possible.
5) You can also open a savings account, and start saving on a monthly basis
6) Try to make the maximum repayment for all your previous loans.

Apart from the above tips, you can also prepare a monthly budget. Try to not spend on anything which is not included on your budget. Budgeting can help you save money, which you can use to pay off your debts.

#Al11 - Says,

Thanks Rachel for the 6 steps for Albert & myself...
#Brenda - Says,

My credit is fair, how can i improve it? i have to things to pay off, once i pay it off, will it stay on my credit? would my score stay the same, even though i paid it off?
#debranewell2008 - Says,

Yes most likely it will stay on your report paying them off is not a way for them to be removed. Are these debts in good standing or are they negative debts you are referring to? If you can give a little more information maybe we can help you out with this.
#childs - Says,

Who can help me improve my credit, also can anyone help me get a free credit report?
#crorkz - Says,

zcg2r3 Fantastic blog post. Fantastic.
#henrysara - Says,

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#mary grick - Says,

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#Naomi bryan - Says,

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