Has any one heard of a company called CREDIT SOLUTIONS???             Click here to Print

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#sheldon - Says,

it's a company that says it will reduce your credit card debt up to 60%, are they a good company??? thanks.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Just be careful, on what consolidation/settlement you go with. ALWAYS read they 'fine print'. Some ask for a VERY high fee, BEFORE they even do anything ( if they do anything). I'm not saying there aren't GOOD and LEGIT ones 'out there', I'm just saying to be aware. Some will put you MORE into debt. Speaking from experience!!
#Laura - Says,

Hi Sheldon go ahead and check the debt forums for discussion on this company.

Whenever you require feedback for a company check it with the customers' feedbacks with the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

#Laura - Says,

Yes, ofcourse.

Sometimes there are varied experiences. Some companies do get listed in the BBB but there are too many rip offs lodged against them. I find it bewildering. Is it the foolishness of the consumer or the company. Its a big secret Smile

#Dan - Says,

I talked to this I have some credit card debt and I want to either consolidate or settle but I’m not sure which way to go, has any one done or heard of any one who has done either??? Credit solutions told me that I would not pay my credit cards bills for 3 months, and my credit would not be hurt with the sowing of 90 days late on it!!! Is that TRUE??? I’m just trying to figure out the right path to take, thanks.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I would think it's always a 'negative' thing, if you are 'late'...with anything. I've gotten ads from Credit Solutions, too. I'm trying to ask them SPECIFIC questions, on things. But, all they are iving me is GENERAL answers. 'Beating around the bush', almost. Hope you find someting that will work for you.
#Laura - Says,

It is not possible that the score will not be hurt. What is the company talking to you about? Debt Settlement? Well it can be thought of only when you do not have any other way but to file a bankruptcy. Otherwise consolidation is a good option, your scores might get lowered but once the process is over and you are consistent with your finance, it definitely repairs all the losses.
#Emmett - Says,

My wife is with credit Solutions, we are in the early stages, but remember that not all creditors will work with credit solutions as we just found out. So we are now deciding whether to wait for the creditor to send the account off to a collection agency who would work with Crediti Solutions, or to make another arrangement with the company. In other words be prepared if one of your creditors refuses to accept Credit Solutions or a company like them, and have a plan B in place. Sometimes these creditors can sue you in court to make you pay.
#carol - Says,

Its important to do a fact and background check before opting for any program.
#goodnatured - Says,

Them telling you that it will not have an effect on your credit score is not true, late is late for any reason, and it has been my experience that they will report it either way. I think they are telling you this to get you into their program. If this was true and we could all take a couple of months off with out worry we could catch up on our own, at least I could. I would follow the advice of the forum members and look into the better business bureau before making a decision on what to do.
#Vanessa - Says,

Have you done anything with Credit Solutions? I'm trying to go with them. I spoke to one of the representatives and he told me that my credit score will go down but after paying everything with them I will be able to bring it up.
I don't know what to do.

#Laura - Says,

Hi Vanessa are you going for a credit card debt consolidation? What is the program that they are offering?
#debtstinker - Says,

Ok here's my take on that company. I looked them up with the BBB and they're legit and supposedly have no complaints and have adhered to the BBB standards for the past 12 months and have been registered with the BBB since november 2006. While that all sounds good, Dan, i'm not encouraged to hear that you will not pay your bills for 90 days. that's not right. I went with Money Management International, a very reputable and effective company for consolidation. Now, keep in mind all i consolidated was CREDIT CARD debt, i had no other payday loans or anything like that. MMI was able to incorporate most of my debt except my Sears credit line (big vent on them later) and another that i cannot remember at this point. They were able tot ake all 3 citibank accounts, discover, walmart and some others and make one low monthly payment to be distributed IMMEDIATELY to all my companies. I had to pay a $30 fee but that was a steal considering they negotiated payments, stopped over the limit fees, lowered interest etc. they never made me wait, my first payment was put to use effectively.
While it is true that some creditors will not work with a consolidation company, many will and yes, it does take some time to see who will and who will not. You will be assigned a counselor who should take you through the program step by step and should communicate with you by phone, fax, and email. You'll have to fax information about your financial situation and debts to them. I do not like that you have to wait 90 days at all, that does nothing for you and only worsens your situation. try to research some other options and let us know how you're doing, good luck...this journey can be cumbersome but there are so many people here to help you and give you emotional support!

#Laura - Says,

Great job debt. I had tried to do a BBB search but the site was not opening or it was too slow.

I wanted to know their BBB status. Thanks a lot for the information.

#Randy - Says,

Do not trust Credit Solutions. It is a scam. They will not pay your creditors anything. Your balances will go up from late fees and higher interest. I payed them over $1500 in a 7 month period and got nothing for it. I checked with the BBB and they have several complaints agiants them. At the moment im in the process of trying to get a refund.
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