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#wktemple - Says,

CCS collections is listed in my credit report against an outstanding debt.

How can I be sure that I owe the debt?
Can I get this item removed from my credit report if I pay off the amount in full?
Will my credit score improve if I pay it off and close the account?

I would be grateful if anybody can provide me with their contact details and phone number.


#Laura - Says,

Credit collection services is a collection agency involved in offering collection services to its clients. If you find CCS collections in your credit report, it means that you have a debt which has been sold off to the CCS collections.

In order to be sure that you owe the debt, you need to send a debt validation letter to CCS collections. Now according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the collection agency must validate the debt within 30 days, else you are no longer liable to the CA for the debt. The CA must provide you with a copy of the original signed contract between your and the original creditor, statements showing your outstanding debts and proof that the original creditor has sold off the debt to the collection agency as a proper debt validation.

Now if CCS collection provides you with proper validation of the debt, negotiate for pay for deletion agreement by sending a pay for deletion letter. If they agree to PFD, get it in writing or through email from the collection agency. Once they agree to PFD, the negative item will get automatically removed from your credit report once you pay off the outstanding debt in full.

If the negative item gets removed from your report, your score will improve.
You can contact Credit collection services (CCS collection) in the address mentioned below:

Contact information

Credit Collection Services Group, Inc.
3 E Montgomery Crossroads
Savannah, GA 31406

you may also call them at (800) 666-3957

#goodnatured - Says,

For such a small amount probably contacting them directly would be the best move. I would do it as soon as possible before the fees start adding up. goodluck - Says,

Contac the credit bureau first. Send in your receipt or documents showing the balance was paid.

Contact Progressive to make sure they have credited the payment in April. Ask progressive to remove it.

Send all documents certified sign receipt as proof.

#anthony - Says,

Hi felicia thats a great post. thanks for the information Smile
#Robert Klouse - Says,

Yes, I called the phone pay center to make my payment,and,the computer voice-bot refuses me when it asks for my zip code recognition.I ask it to connect me to "operator,then I push 0,also and still--NO LUCK! I am then DISCONNECTED and am unable to contact a live-operator. I just want to make a payment! What can I do to get thru to make a payment? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks-Kout.....
#Laura - Says,

Hi Robert,

Try following the voice word by word. I would rather directly get in touch with the organization.

#Al Phelps - Says,

I got a quote from Farmers at their office, but when they said I had to change the insurance on my residence to get it at that price. I told them to forget it. This was way back in March, well they are now billing me through CCS Needham. I can't believe it. Of course I have and have had insurance with another company the whole time.
#Laura - Says,

Hi Al Phelps,

This is fraudulence taking place. If you do not have any insurance filed with the Farmers they cannot be charging you for a single penny. First thing to do is send a validation letter to CCS. I am sure they cannot prove anything. However in case of any problem you can file a complaint with the FTC and the BBB.

Sometimes we get so frustrated that we sue these people ourselves. You can always find one attorney at if you dont have one already.

#David - Says,

The scum at CCS called my cell phone, which is on the National DO NOT CALL LIST, twice on a SUNDAY and interrupted a very important moment for my family. After searching for the company on the internet I found that I am not the only person they have bothered. So, I filed a ripoff report on them; and, since they called twice within 10 minutes time, I also filed two complaints with the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST. I guess it's only typical of scum at a collection agency to harass people anytime or any day of the week. If only there was a way to give them a taste of their own medicine and sue the pigs. Unfortunately I guess I will just have to hope they get fined.
#Laura - Says,

Hi David,

I really understand your problem and how you feel. Many here have faced the same. This is just a request that please do not use profane language because this is a public forum. Many participants might feel uncomfortable. Thanks.

#David - Says,

Exactly what words would you consider profane in my comment of yesterday? Just to let everyone know, the scum at CCS called me one more time last night after I had spoken to a rude woman who assured me that my phone number was taken off their list since I was not the person they were trying to locate. So, there you are. Not only are the employees of CCS scum, they are also liars.
#David - Says,

I have to say I am still confused by your response to my first posting. You asked me not to use profane language. I am baffled. If you are referring to my referring to CCS employees as scum, the Merriam-Webster definition of scum in that context, is as follows: "a low, vile, or worthless person or group of people". Now everyone knows that anyone associated with the collection industry fits into that category. Everyone also knows that collection industry scum have their own low standards when it comes to moral principles. Perhaps they also have their own dictionary? Enlighten me.
#CCS- Credit Collection Se - Says,

CCS- Credit Collection Services- comes up as P.O. Box 773, Needham, MA 02494- 1-877-573-2067. If this is Credit Collection Services, Inc.

Apparently, the company affiliates with many lawyers. CCS--Credit Collection Services Credit Control Services, Inc. d/b/a 2 Wells Avenue Newton MA 02459-, (617) 965-2000.

In Massachusetts, the foreign corporation is listed as Credit Control Services, Inc. (a Delaware corporation) d/b/a 2 Wells Avenue. The president of the company is STEVEN SANDS. The registered agent for service of process is: CT Corporatiuon, 155 Federal Street, Suite 700, Boston, MA 02110.

#Justice - Says,

As is stated above, CCS (USA) INC is a foreign corporation doing business in Massachusetts (among other states) under various names, such as Credit Control Services, Inc. (in Mass, apparently the name Credit Collection Services, Inc. had been taken by a now former attorney with the last name Tatel (but that's another story)).

As I have said, CCS (USA) INC. is the name of this Delaware corporation. the registered agent in Delaware is The Corporation Trust Company, Corporation Trust center, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 (302)658-7581

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