this was on my credit report CCSI does any one know what it             Click here to Print

#dontbugme56 - Says,

this was in the people who checked my credit.
#Laura - Says,

Is it CSI or CCSI?
#goodnatured - Says,

You can do a search for them on the better business bureau webpage, this page will give you other information also, like what other company names they go by, what if any complaints have been made about them and the resolution that it has come to, they will tell you all about the business, how long they have existed and what they do for business, it is a pretty good search tool. You can also file a complaint on a company, they will do an investigation and post your results as well.
#Laura - Says,

Thanks a lot goodnatured. It is really great to have you on the forum. Smile
#goodnatured - Says,

Awe, thanks Laura, I wish the forum had more active participants, I guess it will grow with time. We can keep it live and promote it where ever we go. I have told a few friends about it, but I have not seen them here yet. Oh well, it is a great opportunity to meet new friends and share some good ideas and get some real good advice.
#Laura - Says,

Thats true. I have been on this forum for nearly 5 months now. Earlier I used to post as guest. Participation is definitely low. I really appreciate your effort in promoting the site. As a member I will always remain grateful to you Smile. Its true we need more friends. Do talk to people regarding this because if we know each other and participate in the forums together then it wont take very long to create a bigger community soon Smile
#paul - Says,

are they associated to any one company they seem to be attached to a gas company on my credit
#debtstinker - Says,

Yeah i'm interested to see who they are. if you type them into google, either combination of letters, you'll get a whole host of's difficult to tell who they are
#Laura - Says,

I did a search but I am not getting any relevant details regarding CCSI. Is it possible that this is a product line card? Can any senior member answer to this question?
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