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#goodnatured - Says,

I was recently shopping and everywhere I go, I see signs requesting that I buy toys for lower income families. I am used to this in the higher end stores but was really surprised to see the $1 and discount stores getting involved.

I don't have a problem donating, my problem is how they are promoting it. On every rack is a sign that says "Buy this toy for the program, Buy that toy", I can see promotion but this is a little ridiculous and frankly going a little overboard. I think it takes away from the store, really overboard in the one store I was in, you couldn't see products for these big, marker written signs everywhere.

I think the big box when you walk in and the sign that states what it is for is enough.

Anyway, I usually pull from the tree at the bank and buy for a kid. Does anyone else do this? Do you think it should be toy driven? I buy a toy and a clothing item. Usually hat and gloves.

Sorry about rattling on there but that particular store really irritated me with all the signs all over everything, or I should say, all the toys.

#debtstinker - Says,

Yeah some stores do not market their ideas very effectively or diplomatically. I have been in a Dollar Tree lately and it was the same way. Sometimes at Value City i'll pick a name off a tree, that's fun. I can see why it was irritating to you, but to your credit you're willing to donate anyways Smile Smile
I ALWAYS donate in some way to our DAV, especially. I'm very big in supporting or veterans and I saw an article about how we can make care packages for our troops over Thanksgiving to send over seas. Not only is this a neat gesture it'll be really really fun. I just hope they don't spit my cookies out Wink not a baker by any means

#SunDevilsFan - Says,

hey debstinker,

Are we allowed to bake stuff for the troops? We put together several care packages last year. Two of them came back. The only reason we could think of was that there was baked cookies in packages.

#goodnatured - Says,

Aw, when I was in desert storm, I loved getting the cards and letters from the schools, the kids were so honest.

The little boys always wanted to know about the missiles and tanks and did we kill anybody.

The little girls always told us to come home safe and that they would pray for us.

I am not sure on the baked goods, don't remember ever getting any, LOL. I know it was always nice to get the slim jims and the baby wipes, god bless the inventor of the baby wipe.

I know today the veterans organizations have big drives for the phone cards for the troops to call home, I think that is a great idea. Nothing like hearing real voices from home.

What ever you send, it is always nice to know that people on the home front are thinking about the troops and that even though they don't support the war, the troops are still dear at heart.

#debtstinker - Says,

Hi Sun...not sure yet still looking into it. I would think that non perishable stuff would be the good said BABY WIPES are awesome and things like beef jerky, slim jims, Kool Aid all that stuff is nice. My sister dated a man who is in the Reserves but went to Iraq for a year as an army engineer and they had to locate the IEDs in the roadsides and disarm them. He said he loved getting packages and baby wipes. baby wipes were the thing he talked about the most because ti takes a while for units to set up make shift showers. he said that they used to take water and put it in something like zip lock bags and let it bake in the sun then used it to take 'showers'. very ingenious. let me see what's happening and i'll get back to ya. I've never sent a pkg only online cards so i think it would be really nice.
There's also programs where you can donate used goods like cell phones and then phone companies will convert your old cell phones for like 12 minute calling cards for the troops. we finally got my sister a new phone and she's doing this.
Good you say veterans' organizations are doing this? know of any? The VFW or DAV? please let us know, our family is pretty big on supporting troops and veterans Smile thank you

#goodnatured - Says,

I know the church groups around have alot of mothers and fathers of troops that are deployed right now, they are real big on sending out the packages.

The local veterans organizations are an awesome source of information on what the troops want and need.

#goodnatured - Says,

If you know a teacher, please encourage her or him to get their class to do the cards and letters to the troops, I used to love getting them.
#debtstinker - Says,

You know I don't only because my son is so tiny however, he does have a wonderful sitter who is caring and nurturing. maybe she could recommend someone because she watches kids of all ages. that'sa a good idea. I think our baby is going to 'write' one because I keep thinking that because of all the sacrifices made from our soldiers, our little man can grow up with the dreams and the safety and the life we had and maybe better!
#goodnatured - Says,

Okay guys and gals, the bell ringers are out. Here is my delima, I visit the grocery store two or three times a week, they will be there all season, I feel cheap when I walk by and don't drop anything in the pot, but these guys are there at all hours and can not be avoided. Feel like wearing a t shirt that says, I gave on Monday, LOL. I don't feel that I should give everytime I walk in the store. What are your thoughts, if I give once a week I am doing my good deed right? Sometimes once a week seems like a lot.
#debtstinker - Says,

Good you give what you can give and only you should know how much and how often that's your business. I know the feeling, but all you can do is give when you can. I try to give to the DAV and of course at Christmas the Salvation Army. Keep in mind that the people who ring the bells get paid despite them being out in the elements. hey at least you give, some people do not at all and i'm not talking about those who can't because I've been there and so have my parents, i'm talking about the people who just don't. your good deeds will go far
#goodnatured - Says,

I know, I just feel odd walking by and not dropping in the bucket, LOL

For years I thought the bell ringers were volunteers until I got a job order and then realized it is a paid position. I bet many folks don't know this, huh

#debtstinker - Says,

no probably not and i didn't know that either, it's a seasonal position that pays decently through the salvation army. the only reason i know that is because a couple of our former clients got jobs like that, I was a little shocked. basically you make a little extra cash and God love them because they are braving the elements and rude people i'm sure in lieu of helping those in need!
I know the awkward feeling too...i feel the same way often

#goodnatured - Says,

Well, I won't feel so bad then, When I walk by without donating, I will think of debtstinker!
#Laura - Says,

Well good its not cheap to just walk by not donating anything. They are there not because they expect you to drop something everyday. Once a week or twice a month is okay for me. If I had to give everyday I would rather drop it into my sister's piggy bank lol.
#goodnatured - Says,

There you go, I guess I am a little leary to because I have had clients abuse the system and take advantage of the organization that is out there with the bucket. They will go into the local office and put on the sad face and take away with out ever giving anything in return. I tell them, even if you donate your time, that is a way of paying back. Honestly it is like talking to a brick wall, they just take, take, take, I don't think give is in their vocabulary.
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