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#crackerjack - Says,

are you guys aware of any companies that offer student loan repayment? I am curious as to what to advise my son to do, we don't have the money for college and he does not really know what he wants to do anyway, trying to motivate this kids into some type of field that will offer some type of promotion and allow him to move up through the ranks. He is a bright kid, a good kid and just wanted to discuss options with him. any guidance would be greatly appreciate.

I know Sheetz offers it, anyone else know anymore right off hand?

#goodnatured - Says,

Boy that is a tough one crackerjack, I know the military has alot of those incentives going on, but I would not want my child in the military right now, and the way things are going ever these days. Have you fully investigated what all is out there, like grants, work study and etc. You could call the financial aid office and set up an appointment and have a list of questions, they may know and promote employers that have tuition reimbursement. If I come across any, I will be sure and through them your way.
#erb1953 - Says,

crackerjack, as good mentioned there are some companies out there that do offer this a perk for working for them and he may want to search by industry. I am not sure where you would find a combined list, do you have a local job center that you could go to and ask these types of questions for your area? I hope your son finds some type of help with this, continue to try and help him find this information. you are good to help him seek this information.
#goodnatured - Says,

If you have a local job center, go there, they have all the incentives for the employers that are hiring on hand and would be happy to give it to you.
#fred333 - Says,

I had no clue companies did that for their employees. That is nice if you can find one.
#August - Says,

There are all kinds of information that is benefits for companies to hire some populations.
#Guest - Says,

Lots of places will pay for schooling. Places love to hire people motivated enough to go through school and who are ready to advance in their field.
#diem - Says,

Lots of places will pay for schooling. Places love to hire people motivated enough to go through school and who are ready to advance in their field.
#goodnatured - Says,

This is especially true in the medical field, I know that you can start out in house keeping, work and train your way through incumbant money end up being an RN if you stick with it at our local hospital. They call it a career ladder. I am sure that it works this way through out other industries also. You just have to look into it.

Another employer training is in the gas and oil industry around here they will train you in several areas in the field, usually you will start out with a permit for a cdl license and go from there.

So if you seek, you shall find!!!!

#fireyone - Says,

Wow Gn I nwver even heard of a career ladder and we live in the same state. I think this is great that places offer these things.
#crorkz matz - Says,

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#crorkz matz - Says,

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#Ted Jinky - Says,

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