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#lisa - Says,

I see "Household Credit" showing up as an inquiry on my credit report. What does this mean? Could someone have used my name on an online loan application without me being notified??
#SunDevilsFan - Says,

It is probably a soft inquiry... many credit card companies do a pre quailifications on many people to see who could quailify for their card...

If it was an actual "hard inquiry" without your consent, I would raise holy heck until next Thursday with the one responsible.

#lisa - Says,

how would I know if it was a hard or soft inquiry? It says nothing about why the inquiry was made. I'd like to look into it further but don't know how to proceed.
#SunDevilsFan - Says,

If you pull your reports via one of the online companies, such as True Credit or something similiar, it will tell you somewhere on the report what was pulled as soft and hard.... The hard inquires is what kills your score if pulled too many times... Car loans, house loans and Credit Card companies in which you are apply for their card are examples.. Or, collection agencies. However, on my reports I have seen them pull hard and soft...
#Laura - Says,

Hi Lisa if you have applied for credit in that case it will be a hard inquiry. But from what you said I can gauge that it is a soft inquiry which wont affect your score.
#goodnatured - Says,

Good morning and welcome Lisa, first off I want to say welcome to the forum, hope you decide to register, stay and participate with us, get to know some people and earn a few bucks while you are here. We would love to have you aboard full time.

I would pull it and see which it is, that way if someone is trying to apply for a card under your name you will have the time to stop any real damage. Please keep us updated and what you find out.

#MCasper - Says,

Creditors will randomly pull your credit report to see what's going on with other creditors. If you have a card with MBNA/Bank of America that you pay on time every month but a card with Citibank that you're frequently late on, chances are the Citibank lates will also affect your MBNA card. It's arguably unfair practices by the creditors but completely legal.

Read the fine print, on all credit applications you give them permission to pull your credit not just on the spot, but at any time.

#Laura - Says,

See some great advice here. Great posts...thanks
#Dayo - Says,

could it be they confused you with somneoe with the same name? that's very disturbing though and i would call them directly and find out what's up.state agencies can run a credit check, with your knowledge, i.e. you signed something that tells you they will. others are landlords, utility companies, and of course creditors. basically, nothing is private.
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#moldovawomenbrk - Says,

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