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#erb1953 - Says,

Does any one use online tax preparing software? If so, which do you think is the better one to use? Do you think one gets you more deduction with one over another?
#Dadummy - Says,

Erb i always use h-r block because they back you if you get audited and i was audited one year about 20 some years ago. I had to pay back because i didnt have my imformation, nor proof for my deductions. ive been useing h-r block since which reminds me i need to call and make an appointment. hope this helps some plus you can get a bank card this year for your refund and use it immediately, as i hear it .
#August - Says,

There are many online programs out there and some of them are free according to your income. I have used a couple different ones and they are about the same, really not much of a difference. There are quite a few listed on the irs web page that you may want to check out.

You will want to have all your information available to you before you file your taxes, make sure that you have all you w-2 forms if you have more than one income in the household. Make sure that you have all reciepts if you are taking the work supply deductions, mortgage statements or 1099's for your intrest and taxes paid for the year. You need to gather a pile of information if you are going to itemize.

I think that you can find a checklist somewhere on the irs web page. I would go there and familiarize yourself with filing a tax form electronically before you actually do it. It may be a pain to read all that stuff, but it can affect your refund if you don't take all the deductions that you have coming to you.

Most of the online electronic filing softwares have where you can also file your state returns for a fee, most states have their own page where you can do it for free, so check out you states tax page and see if this is an available service in your state, it will save you a few bucks.

sorry to ramble, but I missed out on money not reading up on things, now I scan the irs web page to see if any of the new laws pertain to me or not.

#goodnatured - Says,

Do your research, the irs web page is a great place to start.
#erb1953 - Says,

thanks to all of you
#Laura - Says,

Feed the search engine
"online tax preparation"

This gives you a series of results that you may try out. However I think this the best you can find

H&R is also good da.

#Dadummy - Says,

have you ever used on line goodnature? I was wondering how long it takes to get your money from them. I hear H-R has bank cards now they give you instead of rapid refund. Im anticipateing on this so I get my money when i need it. the only catch I dont know how much it cost.
#August - Says,

I am still debating on how I want to file mine, I am thinking that I am going to do the online tax preparation. I still need more paperwork to do mine yet, hopefully it comes soon.
#goodnatured - Says,

I will do mine online, I am thinking about using HR Block webpage this year, hopefully it won't be outrageously priced, hate that when they all have the same service and different prices because of their names backing them. I will go to the website and see whats up, I don't have everything yet anyway. Hopefully soooooooooooooon!
#Morningstar - Says,

If your income is under a certain amount, you should be able to find an online site through the IRS website, and have them done for free. I have used HR Block and Turbo Tax; I was equally satisfied with each.

With HR Block's refund card, I'm pretty sure it would work as either a loan (same as before, just funded differently), or you would get the physical card, and the money would be deposited to the corresponding account when your refund was issued by the feds.

#August - Says,

Think I will do the online tax prep, seems everyone here has had a good experience with it. Besides it can only spit out what you put into it right?

I have went to the irs website, thinking about the hr block or the taxact, they both seem about the same. Will read a little more on it before I do it, still waiting on a few things to come in the mail any way.

What is the deadline for W2's any one know?

#Morningstar - Says,

I believe they need to be postmarked by 1/31.
#August - Says,

Ok, that is good news, seems like some employers sit on them for awhile, I am in no hurry, but it would be one more thing off my plate.

The beginning of the year, I try to get everything straight for the year, starting with taxes, then it is the big bills, property taxes, fire insurance, local taxes, all the junk that is so easy for me to put on the back burner, especially when there is a deadline.

#Lunchtime - Says,

Everyday, I go to the mailbox and look for the paperwork I need and it is not there yet.
#Dadummy - Says,

I had to call my employer today 2-1 to ask about my w2 they told me they had until yesterday and thats when they were mailed . nothing like the very last minute. I think the employer should have to send the irs and you a copy of your w2 for the year and the government should have to send you a refund according to your wages, like all the free money thier giveing to everyone but the working people. I know I have a bad attitude on this but ive seen to much.
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