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#dwarfess - Says,

Daughter DV'd ER Solutions (CMRR) in Oct '07 for a Qwest account. Included in DV letter was statement "Please be advised that I wish to communicate solely in writing. I can be reached at the address listed above. Do not call me at any time or place."

On 10/23/07 daughter received letter from ER Solutions addressed to EQ, EX & EX stating "ERS no longer has any interest in the tradeline listed below or there is an identity problem requiring immediate action. Please delete any WCI or ER Solutions reference off the credit bureau of the person listed."

Last week ER began calling daughter at her home. She has caller I.D. so she is not answering when they call. I have told her "Never speak to a CA".

Today I received a collection notice from ER Solutions addressed to my daughter at my address offering settlement. Although my daughter is AU on some of my accounts, she has never lived at or used my address. We don't even live in the same state.

Should we just send DV and threaten suit due to their FDCP violations for calling?

Their most recent notice shows a different original balance, but same OC. Things is, my daughter paid the OC years ago. ER is trying to look nice by offering to settle @50% of the balance (which is 250% higher than the original OC balance). Bottom feeding scumbags!

#Morningstar - Says,

I would look for a naca.net attorney, as well as sending out a second DV letter.
#erb1953 - Says,

I would, tell them this is just a freindly reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Laura - Says,

Send in a follow up DV letter as mrnstar said.
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