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#Dadummy - Says,

dont we get paid on this site anymore i dont see any earnings
#Morningstar - Says,

Not for pub posts.

#SHAH - Says,

Plz any one tell me how this system works & how can i get paid ? Question
#Morningstar - Says,

Register, then contribute in the forums.
#Fasfeed - Says,

Could someone be a little more infomative as to how this system works?I see my magic points adding up per contribution.
#Laura - Says,

Yes each contribution gives you a minimum of 15 magic points. Now depending on your post, its value and length magic points are generated by the system. Once you reach the 5000 points level you become eligible for redeeming your magic points.
#hummingbird - Says,

Each magic point is 1 penny. 5000 =50.00
1000=10.00 The pub posts do not earn only the other parts of the forums.

#sdchargers_63 - Says, pretty good, too. I've been paid a few times.
#Polly - Says,

Right on the point Humming bird Smile
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Hope nobody is having trouble with getting paid. I never did. And that's what this Forum promises..5000=$50.00. Yep..Got paid a few times.
#hummingbird - Says,

Is this froum still on the 50.00 cash out? all the others have gone to 10 dollar cash outs.This one was paying for the pub posts till the AMPM went to 10 cash out and stopped paying for pub posts but this one went to no pub pay and still 50 dollars pay outs .Is that right?Still 50 bucks?
#Laura - Says,

I dont think that makes so much of a difference. Accumulating magic points in here is much easier. I personally do not have a problem. The ones who do can come up with it. The admin might notice. Smile
#Guest - Says,

ciao mi dite una chat?
#hummingbird - Says,

Laura ,not sure what you mean. I don't find it any easier to accumulate points here than any of the other forums .The ones who do what?Can come up with what? Tha admin might notice what?
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Alittle confused myself. Can we 'cash out' at $10.00 now, instead of $50.00?
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