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#Spice23 - Says,

Does anyone know anything about credit alliance group?
#Laura - Says,

You can check this one Spice 067839

If this is not the same go ahead and check the Better Business Bureau for the company that you are looking for.

#Edward - Says,

Link Deleted- Richard
#Laura - Says,

Hi Edward,

Is that link for the address mentioned there?

#edward - Says,

We had over $36,000.00 of medical bills, and some very old credit card debts. We did a 48 month program, but paid it off in just over 26 months with no pre payment penalty. Everyone there was nice and they took the time to walk me through every detail. I cannot believe what I did not know. The were not pushy at all with me. Most companies I spoke with tried to sign me up on the phone; right then. I spent the weekend thinking about it and I know that I made a good choice. Best of all the fixed my credit while I was enrolled and they don't show up on my credit report AT ALL!! It is the best thing since sliced bread. ***** five star support all the way!
#Michael - Says,

They are a good group; we saved alot and they handled all the dinner time phone calls.

not sure if you have their web address; if not here it is.

#Dale S - Says,

I wanted to say “Thank you” so much for your helping me clear up and resolve my credit card and other outstanding debt. Your help saved me untold amounts of money in additional interest and late fees, easily adding up to over $16,000. Your staff was friendly and helpful and settled my credit card debt for less than I thought possible. Resolving and paying the settlements, that CAG negotiated on my behalf was easy and fast. My credit score has improved dramatically since the settlements were paid.

Thanks again! Dale S, Dallas Texas

#Laura - Says,

Thanks Edward, Michael and Dale. Would love to see you participate more. Your information is positive and helpful. I hope others can contribute as well.
#Eddie - Says,

This company is a rip-off.
They will ruin your credit, behave rudely, and rip you off. Do not trust them! See the many complaints about them on the WEB...including BBB.

#Justin - Says,

Thanks a lot. Your information will save many lives who seek help for credit, from these fraudulent places.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

EDDIE, can you please explain your situation with them?
#Danielle Daru - Says,

I have looked around the internet, different websites and the posts praising CAG look as if they were just copied and pasted over and over again (same wording, same speech patterns, same vocabulary). I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the positive CAG feedback is from CAG employees... They may have been voted a good place to work, but not a great place to deal with. I have fantastic credit. My Sister does not. I warned her not to jump into a program with a credit consolidation/ debt management company, and to do her research first. She didn't listen and started working with CAG. Credit Alliance Group is great when everything is going smoothly but is VERY VERY hard to get a hold of when you actually need help with something. My sister is now filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy... My advise, consult a lawyer before working with CAG.
#goodnatured - Says,

It may very well be, some companies will pull these tactics on you in hopes that you fall for it.
#scott - Says,

Hi goodnatured
You are correct. I too think that most of the testimonial the credit repair companies provide in their sites and blogs are misleading only to attract customers towards them. I think that we can repair our own credit by ourself. Only be tracking the credit report, reporting inaccuracies in credit report to the CRAs and by making pay for deletion settlements for validated debts, we can repair our own credit ourselves and save the dollar that would otherwise go to the credit repair companies.

#goodnatured - Says,

Best thing to do before getting involved with any of these companies is to check them out thoroughly through the bbb and have your state attorney office take a look at them too. Don't give anyone money for something that you can do yourself.
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