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#Dale - Says,

I have sent a collection dispute to the credit bureaus about an item that showed up on my credit report from Palisades. They had never called me or mailed me anything. I also sent the a letter demanding written verification of the debt. Now they are calling me. Should I take the call? Or should I wait to see what the credit bureaus have to say and whether or not Palisades answers my letter in writing?
#Laura - Says,

If you have communicated through mail, make sure you be communicated in the same manner. Never interact with a collection agency over the phone (my suggestion). Give them the time to answer your DV letter.
#Laura - Says,

Hi dale,

Do you have any update for this?

#Dale - Says,

Nothing yet. No more calls since that first one. thanks for the advice.
#fireyone - Says,

Please be sure to keep us updated. You never know when someone else might need help in a situation like this and your replies can help.
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