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#dale - Says,

Why will one credit bureau delete an item and another credit bureau not delete the item? What is the best thing to do when this happens?
#fireyone - Says,

You would think that they all should. If it is a recent fall off maybe the other ones just haven't taken it off yet. This will be of interest to me in the future so hope you don't mind if I keep an eye on this post.. Hope all clears for you soon.
#goodnatured - Says,

If you see something fall off one and stay on the other, look at the report and see what the date is that it is supposed to be off the report, if the date has past write a letter to the reporting agency and they should honor the drop off for you. goodluck.
#Dale - Says,

The particular item that was deleted came about when I disputed it. TransUnion deleted it. But it's still on Experion. I'm not sure about EquiFax.


#goodnatured - Says,

I don't know why it would be so different from one company to the next, I find that strange that one would honor it and not the other. I think if one did they all should. crazy, maybe give it some time and try again.

dale, why don't you register on this site, that way your questions would build up points and then you could cash them out?

#Morningstar - Says,

Three scenarios come to mind, but it is not strange at all...they are different companies.

-The creditor/CA no longer report to TU

-The creditor/CA did not respond to the request for verification in a timely manner to TU, but did properly respond to Exp

-Exp failed to verify info, but illegally retained the info on the report

#fireyone - Says,

So what does that leave a person to do?
#Morningstar - Says,

You can try to dispute for a different reason, send an intent to sue letter, or maybe file a complaint with the FTC.

If the entry is legitimate, then a person may very well be stuck with it. One credit bureau is not the same as another; a removal from one credit report is not, in and of itself, a reason for another credit bureau to delete.

#scott - Says,

Dispute it
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

A similiar thing happened to me ( TOO STRANGE!!). I had a outstanding debt 'fall off' with ALL of the CB's. I 'disputed' the debt with only ONE CB. The CB, I 'disputed' this with, removed the debt. However.....on the other 2 CB's, the debt was still there. I din't know I had to 'dispute' this with ALL of the CB's. Boy.....what a process!!
#Laura - Says,

This is not STRANGE after all. Each bureau works on its own. The discrepancies occur due to reporting errors mainly. Your creditors do not report to all the bureaus. So when you check your report, mark the items that are not on all the three. The status of those items make a difference in your score from the three bureaus.

The probable points are mentioned by Morningstar already. So this is not new or strange, this is how the system works. You have to be familiar with it.

#fireyone - Says,

I also did not know all three bureaus were not working side by side. I like everyone else thought if it fell off one it would fall off the other. Thanks for the info guys, now I am going to check the other ones just to be sure they all are OK.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Yeah.., I din't know all the CB's worked 'seperately', either. MM...this explains alot of things (for me, anyway).
#fireyone - Says,

I think that them working seperatly is for the better. That way if one does have your credit messed up there are still two other ones to rely on. Now that doesn't mean a person should not try to correct errors on their report.
#Richard - Says,

They are supposed to be working together. Like when they introduced the vantage score, it was a joint effort. However in cases like reporting and fico calculation there are differences.
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