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#Ism - Says,

I am FREAKED OUT right now! in March 2006 I wrote a check to get my tag renewed on my car. That was right when all the poop was hitting the fan in my life, the check bounced, I was evicted a couple months later so I was staying with a friend blah blah blah. I forget all about this check until March 2007 when I need to renew again. I talk to the guy at the renewal office and paid my cash to renew my tag, and foolish me thought that was the end of it. He knew about the check, I paid what I thought was 2 years worth of ad valorem and went along my happy way. Fast forward to this morning when I go to renew my tag again and I am told I need to clear up this check. I have to stand in the lobby and call 4 different people before we find out that this check has been turned over to the Marshal's office and there is an arrest warrant out for me and I need to go downtown and get a court date! They assured me that I wouldn't be arrested once I show up, but if I get pulled over in the meantime....AAHHHH!!

Anyone have any experience with this? I am going down tomorrow during my lunch to get my court date and take care of it, but WOW this is scary!

#Dann325 - Says,

I never delt with this, but have had a friend that has. Your basicly going to get a spankin by daddy again, cept this time your daddy is a judge. If you have any more bad checks running around they are going to get brought up. Probley gunna get some nice late charges and you will have a certain amount of time to pay everything. If you dont, the next warrent will be a little bigger one, they will come looking for you to take you to jail. Then you will be meeting a new daddy named bubba. But sence its just a little reg fee, go to court, take the **crap** from the judge, pay it and forget it.

** EDIT, my bad

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

This happened with JUST ONE check???? I'm surprised you were not notified about the check before now. Here, in PA, if you have a 'vad' check, 'out there' for a long period of time, it will go to the District Magistrate. They send you a 'notice' on what is owed. They are pretty good about making payment arrangements, however. But...yep...if you have a warrant and get pulled over...that would be horrible!! What state do you live in?
#scott - Says,

This is a tough deal. I have never faced this situation ever. There lies an arrest warrant against you and its YOU who calls up and gets informed about it. STRANGE!!!
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

That doesn't seem right..SOMEONE should have notified you of this. Is there anyone you can talk to and ask 'what went wrong'?.....why YOU had to find out the way you did?
#Laura - Says,


What is the progress there? How did it go today?

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

ISM..i wanna know the progress, too. Anything new?
#Winkyboo - Says,

ISM, I experienced a similar situation. What happened to me was bizarre and at the time, I didn't have any money to hire a lawyer to fight it. Here's what happened:

I wrote a check for $10.70 to a local supermarket. Turns out the check bounced (not purposely, but really an oversight on my part). I was to have money direct deposited in the account the next day, I think. To my knowledge my bank was to cover this with overdraft protection, but for some reason, the store (which is now in bankruptcy by the way) chose to prosecute me for the bad check. Mind you, I was a frequent shopper at this store, and had NEVER written them a bad check EVER. In fact, most of the time, I paid with cash or debit. Anyway, a month or so passed, and I, thinking that the situation was resolved, and that they got their payment plus the return check fee, went on about my business. I come home one evening and my roommate informs me that a police officer had come by, left his card, and told me to contact him right away. In essence, the store had turned me over to the local DA for prosecution of writing a worthless check. I was terrified!

Immediately the next morning, I called the officer and explained that I am more than willing to go to the store and take care of the problem. He advised me not to do it, and in fact, if I chose to show up, I would be arrested there! Again, I was scared and confused. What kind of business will not allow you to pay your debt in full? Mind you, the store NEVER sent me any correspondence about the bad check, not even a phone call. I explained to the officer that I felt that it was unfair. He advised me to go ahead and "turn myself in" and bring the bond with me (which was $238). He was very casual about the whole thing and said that it was no big deal. I would, in turn have to be photographed and fingerprinted, like a common criminal. He gave me 2 weeks to do so, otherwise they could come back out and arrest me.

Needless to say, I caved in (unaware of any rights I had) and went and paid $238 for a $10.70 check. When I went to "turn myself in" the officer was very nice. No handcuffs or anything. Basically, it was like going to pay your electric bill, but much worse. The officer was joking around with me, and trying to make me feel better, but at that point, I was scared, confused and embarrassed. I never sought legal action against the store, but looking back, I wish I had done something. This happened in 2003.

ISM, I know how you feel, but it will be okay. I have tried to put this awful experience behind me, but part of me wishes that I had fought that store. I worry about having a criminal record, and having to explain this situation to potential employers, if, in fact it comes up. Needless to say, I have never set foot in that store, and they are doing very poorly financially. Like my Granny used to say, you can't to wrong and get by with it.

Keep your head up, and know your rights!

#goodnatured - Says,

I am interested in finding out what happened. Hopefully you will come back and give an update soon.
#Janice - Says,

Yup, it happens to the best of us. As the officer who arrested me said "paper falls through the cracks when you use a computer data base"

5 years ago, I was pulled over - no tags on the car, no insurance. I had both - but not with me - my husband was due for surgery that morning for colin cancer and I was a bit scatter brained. I went to the justice of the peace on Monday with the ticket and proof. He charge me $35.00 for not having the tags on the car and the insurance papers with me and that was that. Fast forward 3 years later - I'm having a nice dinner with hubby, we drive home, hubby gets pulled over for a tail light and I get arrested. Seems like there was a warrant out for me - for failure to appear. I wore handcuffs, and got a ride in the police car (woopee) Once in the jailhouse I was fingerprinted and photographed - no search. This is a small town and we all visited and chatted while I waited for Hubby to bring the bail. I went home. My name was in the paper for arrest for failure to appear - my employees still tease me that they work for a jailbird. A month later I showed up in court - the judge who I know gave me a bad time - apologized for the "mistake" seems someone had the paperwork and the file - but the data base was not updated and they did not let the computer know I had paid and the system automatically kicks the warrants out weekly. No apology in the paper - they just print the facts - and it was a fact that I was arrested. They have my mug show and my finger prints even though I was pronounced not guilty. Evidently the police keep that in their records. Isn't the law wonderful?

#goodnatured - Says,

wow, bet that freaked you out huh, hopefully everything has been smooth since.

you get this all cleared up so0n ISM

#Laura - Says,

Janice it seems that you had to face real tough time. The law is definitely wonderful. Never mind what your employees say. You know who you are and that you have been pronounced not guilty. I understand the trauma that you have to suffer for a long time now because bad memories like this do not go away at the blink of an eye. All the best for a better life that you are capable of building and do register with this forum. We would love to know and share more about you and your experiences.
#Morningstar - Says,

Janice, I'm not sure what any given state's procedures are, but I'd try to get your record expunged.
#goodnatured - Says,

Has anyone heard from either one of these posters lately, I would be interested to know what is going on with them?
#Lorri - Says,

I cannot believe that such a check for such a small amount could cause such upheaval and problems for someone. Why would a merchant even take the time to prosecute for a $10.00 check, it seems like it would cost 10 times that to take it to court.
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