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#TheZster - Says,

I have been working with CA to pay off my two cc. I paid $30 to both last month and then was told to pay another $30 this month by the given due dates. I am paying off the debt by the end of this month. Today I get a notice from the original creditor saying that one card is charged off! WHAT? So I called immediately and explained what the ca told me and all I got from the recovery department is I am sorry, I understand! Apparently, when I went to pay my bill online last month it took two-three days to post which made me over 180 days past due. Now what? I learned to get things in writing, I looked at the discussion about pay to delete. Is that my best option?

I am trying to get my credit repaired, not worsen. I have hopes to buy a house in the next two years so I don't need a recent charge off!


#Morningstar - Says,

I understand your frustration, especially in light of a future real estate purchase, but I do not understand how you were lied to.

You can try the PFD, but those are not always effective (creditors do not like to remove info from CRs, as it changes your risk factor).

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Sometimes it IS difficult to deal with the original creditor AND the CA involved. ( In my personal experiences), if this would happen, I would JUST deal with the CA. WHY?....because the CA NOW 'owns' my debt and they have 'current; information on it, that the original creditor may not have anymore.
#Morningstar - Says,

I doubt that a creditor would sell the account prior to it being charged off.
#scott - Says,

But from what he said I can see that the CA has already taken one payment and is ready for the next when the letter from the OC arrives notifying the charge-off. Had the OC appointed the CA to collect on the debt?
#Guest - Says,

Yes the oc had given my debt to ca. I was working with ca when I was told to pay on March 9th and then the charge off would be pushed out another 30 days, so my intention was to pay april 9th and then the debt would be paid off at the end of this month. Then I got a letter from oc saying it was charged off. I feel like I was lied to by the ca, I paid on the 9th, but it wasn't posted until the 11th. So basically the ca can blow what ever smoke they want, and the oc will allow it!
is there anything i can do?

#Laura - Says,

well I think there might be some delayed communication here. When is the letter from the OC dated?
#Morningstar - Says,

I was working with ca when I was told to pay on March 9th and then the charge off would be pushed out another 30 days,

 I feel like I was lied to by the ca...is there anything i can do?

Sounds like you were lied to, but I don't think you have any real recourse. Letters or phone calls to the original creditor are very likely to fall on deaf ears (the creditor hired the CA to obtain your payment...it worked); you might try filing a complaint with the FTC and/or your attorney general, but don't expect much in a situation that amounts to your word vs. theirs.

#TheZster - Says,

my letter was dated 3-28 now today I got another saying they are reporting my credit as R-9 and that it will have the most damage to my credit
#fireyone - Says,

What I really don't get is why two people try to collect the same debt. If the OC is handling it why would they pay a collection service to do this also. That would definately lead to communication problems.
#crorkz matz - Says,

VdEBlw Thank you ever so for you post.Really looking forward to read more.
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