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#HarmisonPaul - Says,

I’m looking to pump up my credit score from 640-to 700 to get a better interest rate on my mortgage. I’ve heard opening new credit card accounts can help (some say it could hurt) the score but i doubt that would be enough. I surfed the internet and read about credit repair experts that could help. Has anyone tried these guys? Do they really help and if they do how much can they help. The agency i talked to there name was Lexington, but not sure if they can help as much as they say they can.
Thanks for the advice

#August - Says,

I have heard of lexington, they will somehow get off all the junk that is on your report, from everything that I hear they are worth the few hundred dollars that they charge.
Do more research before you invest your money, but I have heard good things about them.

#parkar - Says,

Agree about the credit repair companies. It's not that hard tp build up your FICO. Over 1/3 of your score comes from payment history, and just under 1/3 comes from proportion of balance to available credit. So here is what you do. Pay all of your existing credit cards down to less than 20% balance, pay them off if possible. If you cannot pay them off then continue to make payments of them (not the minimum) and stay under that 20%. If you can pay them off, DO NOT CANCEL THEM, with the exception of department store credit cards or any other type of consumer credit card (Best Buy, Office Max, etc.). Now, let's say you have zero balance and 4 open cards. Use a different one every week to get something small that you would normally buy with cash, say a tank of gas. Pay each one off before the end of the billing cycle so as not to incur any interest charges. You are getting the benefit of the consistent payment history, with the benefit of low balance to available credit ratio, and it's not costing you any extra money to use those cards. Keep that up for a while and your FICO scores will be up there with the best, the right way.
#cbass1017 - Says,

I just don't understand why you would pay for somebody to repair your credit when you can do it for yourself very easily and for free. Atleast if it is Lexington Law Firm you are referring to they do have a satisfactory rating with the BBB. I would recommend doing some research first and seeing if you can't repair your own credit. The FTC website offers some valuble information about credit repair.

Best of luck

#CMBV22 - Says,


YOu should pop over to the credit repair forum and read about debt validation. Each account your letters get removed can raise your credit up to 20 points. Oh, and a credit card will raise your score if you pay on time.

#carol - Says,

To raise your credit score you can try out the following
First sent a DV letter to the CA and on getting a validation of your debt sent them a PDL agreement and come to an agreement with the CA that you can repay only a certain percentage of the debt say 50%, but the CA must remove the debt from the CA as soon as you repay the debt. As soon as the CA removes the negative element from the CR, your score automatically gets increased. So why pay extra money to somebody else when you can use this money to pay back your debt.

#scott - Says,

I too think that going for credit repair companies will only make you spend more cash out of your pocket. If you manage your own debt properly by paying back the debt in time, i don't think there is any need to go for credit repair companies.
#goodnatured - Says,

I agree and you can actually learn about credit repair and management and do this all yourself, it never hurts to learn these things, you will be so much further ahead to have all this knowledge.
#Justin - Says,

I too agree with you goodnatured. it is always advisable to have a complete knowledge of how to repair your own credit. The forums like this helps a lot to learn. Moreover having a sound knowledge always helps us to manage our credit efficiently and saves dollars which would otherwise have gone to the credit repairing companies for no reason.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Someone had mentioned Lexington Law. Well, since we can post our OWN experiences with them, here it is. They SAY it takes only "$99.00 to start their services, and $39.00 per month." I don't know what they were thinking, but, they took MORE than $99.00, out of my bank account and kept saying they need MORE than $39.00 (this should have been a 'Red Flag' to me..) to "RAPIDLY ( in less amount of time than they originally said) 'fix' my Credit Score. I put a 'Stop Payment', for the additional $99.00. After a month of 'services' with them, they informed me they "could no longer do business with me BECAUSE of the 'Stop Pyament'. I tried to explain that the 'fee' was debted 2 times. they din't want to hear it. However.....the NEXT month they tried to debit ANOTHER $99.00..because thy claim they never recieved the FIRST $99.00. GOD..what a mess!
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

...the BBB MAY have Lexington Law at a 'good standing'...but, I 'beg to differ.'
#goodnatured - Says,

I have never heard anything bad about them, there is a young man that used it and he says it worked out well for him, but he played a pretty penny for thier work. Did you have a bad experience with them?
#scott - Says,

Hi sdchargers_63
I think that if you have all the documents which certifies your payment to Lexington Law, you can sent a copy of it to the BBB and reveal their fraud. You should also place a complaint with the FTC in this case I think.

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I DO have documents. Bank debits, etc. I tried talking to them, at the time. Never got 'anywhere' with them. just want to 'let things go'. But, I appriciate the advice, SCOTT.
#goodnatured - Says,


I would not let it go, I would be demanding my money back, that is a lot of money that they took out of your account. Have you reported them to the states attorney generals office, they may be able to help you get your money back. They are pretty effective, gather up the company information and go to the pa attorney website, you can do the complaint on line, it is really easy to do.

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