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#CMBV22 - Says,

I noticed an intent to sue letter. Here is the one I use. Enjoy

Very Happy

#anthony - Says,

Thanks CMBV for your post. I think this sample letter will be of great help for most of the forum members who face such problems. Hope you will put more resource in this forum.
#goodnatured - Says,

I think that it would be really helpful too.
#erb1953 - Says,

wow, what a letter, giving it right back to them huh, I like this letter.
#fireyone - Says,

I would hope this letter would do the trick. I just can not believe people can continue to stronghold another person by not validating a debt and just leaving it there to effect someone as long as they do. Good natures, wasn't a company doing this to yourecently by threatening a lawsuit but failing to get a court date? How long can they continue to do it and doesn't that SOL clock quikt runnung when they do? So they could leave you lingering for years. Sounds unreal to me.
#Justin - Says,

I think that if the collection agency do not respond to the debt validation letter within 30 days of the receipt of your letter, you are in the safe side because even if they sue you to the court, you can show the proof to the court that you have asked for debt validation which they did not provide you. But if they disturb you regularly without validating your debt, you can definitely file a lawsuit against the company.
#fireyone - Says,

I guess either way it leaves you in the good. I am seeing how debt validation is a good thing.
#CMBV22 - Says,

It's a great tool. If my printer was alive I bet it could resite DV letters and FCRA statues in it's sleep!
#goodnatured - Says,

Participating and sharing your experience generates conversation, that is how I learn.
#fireyone - Says,

Here to. I still get confused. Like the answer I get for when the sol clock starts. I get two different answers. 1. soon as the first payment is missed and 2. 180 after the first payment is missed. Do you know which one it is?
#CMBV22 - Says,

I believe the legal def is 'the date of last mutual activity' which is considered 180 days after the last payment
#fireyone - Says,

Hey Cm, I did a little checking and found that it is suppose to vary by state. Some start SOL with the 30 days and others with the 180. It doesn't give where you can go to get those listing. It just says refer to your state SOL rules. Where could I get PAs.
#CMBV22 - Says,

I tried to find somewhere that gave a firm answer (Google seems to have failed me ) and the general opinion I saw was this:

When does the Statute of Limitations start?

You might be asking yourself, "It has been such a long time since my "open account" has had any activity. When does my Statute of Limitations started ticking." The statute of limitations (SOL) is calculated by:

Take the date you last made a payment and add 6 months to this date.
Add the number of years of the statute of limitations in your state.

You last stopped paying on a credit card on Jan 15, 2001. The statute of limitations for credit cards (usually regarded as open accounts) in your state is 6 years.

The date at which you are "safe" from having a creditor sue you over this debt is:

Jan 15, 2001 + 6 months = July 15, 2001.
6 Years + July 15, 2001 = July 15, 2007

Therefore, a creditor cannot sue you for this debt after July 15, 2007

#goodnatured - Says,

I had one file a summons just weeks before the statute of limitations expired, these creditors do keep an eye on things, just because you have not heard from them does not mean that they have dissappeared. Just as we as consumers watch the sol, so do some of them.
#fireyone - Says,

I'm sure you are absolutely correct their good natured. Wouldn't I have recieved some kind of letter of phone call by now if they had done anything. I was thinking mine expired in May. Hopefully I am correct and they aren't doing anything else cause that was the last one I had to worry about.
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