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#Linda_Lord - Says,

I just got my credit report from EQUIFAX and I see something called FIA csna listed as a credit card. I don't even know what this is. There is no date showing that this was ever closed. I didn't know I had it and I don't know what it is.
#1002543 - Says,

FIA Card Services is essentially Bank of America.
#Linda - Says,

O.K., so if FIA Csna is "Bank of America," then I assume that my credit report is saying I have some kind of credit card account with them. I do not wish to have this and didn't even know I had it. What do I do now to get rid of it?
#Guest - Says,

You can
1. Contact BOA and find out if you have any account with them which could justify hard pull on your EQ report.
2. Dispute this inq. with EQ as "not mine"

BOA rarely pulls EQ.

I would put fraud alert on all four CRA or even freeze it.

#1002543 - Says,

I am sorry, I forgot to log in so see my post as a guest.
#anthony - Says,

Hi Linda
FIA-CSNA is FIA card service, one of the leading credit card providers in US. FIA appeared in your credit report means that you might have some credit card debt with FIA which is now a part of Bank of America. Now since you are sure that you never had any card of FIA, you should immediately send a debt validation letter to the company. If they can properly validate your debt, come to a repayment agreement with them to pay off the debt. However, if they do not validate your debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of your letter, you should send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus asking them to remove the listing from your report.

#Mary - Says,

Yes, I agree with Anthony.You should first call FIA card services at their toll free number 1800 655 1491. You can also send a dispute letter directly to the credit bureaus if you are sure that you do not owe any money to the card company. However, I shall also suggest you to send a debt validation letter to the credit card company by certified mail as a proof that you had asked for validation of the debt. The address of fia csna is

FIA card services
P.O Box 15720
Washington, DE 19850-5720

#1002543 - Says,

You send DV letter if there is an attempt to collect debt. As far as I understood from your post there is a trade line listed on your EQ report, which you do not recognize.
If it is so, I would suspect identity theft and dispute with CRA.
On the other hand it might be just a mistake made by FIA/BOA, so it could help to give them a call.

#Linda_Lord - Says,

On my Equifax credit report, an amount of $0 is listed under “high credit.” I think this means that I have never tried to charge anything with the card and do not owe them any money. In other words – does this mean that I have never used the card and don’t owe anything (no debt) at all? If so, I’m wondering if the debt validation (and I’m not sure what exactly the debt validation is; this is the first time I’ve heard of it) would apply to this. As the situation stands, I think I have never charged anything on the card however I want to close this account (which I never knew that opened).
#goodnatured - Says,

If you close it you may take the risk of lowering your score, anytime you close out an account it drops your available credit, there fore you are less credit worthy.
#fireyone - Says,

Yes true but it is the older accounts that look the worst. I have been wanting to be rid of some of mine and I will probaly have to close an old account because the newer one serves more purpose.
#goodnatured - Says,

That is true, but closing it will still have a negative affect on your report. I think you should really reconsider.
#fireyone - Says,

I have thought it out a million and one times but feel it is something I will have to do. I have paid this card off several times and then turn around and put another $500 on it within 6 months. My daughter and I both like their clothes and accessories so onece I pay I will probaly be done with it.
#John A little - Says,

looking all morning to try to cancel my cerdit card

with Regions FIA card service. I'm rerouted so where
else ever time. tell me how

#pt - Says,

what is gecrb/lwpc on my credit report
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