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#alana001 - Says,

I wondered if anyone had ever used this service to help with payday loans?
I just found out about it tonight and I'm thinking of calling them. I am in over my head, and I don't want to close my bank account because I like the bank so much.
Any insight would be appreciated!

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Hi, ALANA. No,..I can't say I've used them, myself. Maybe someone else has. I'm sure, if someone has used them, from this forum, they will come to this thread and make a post. Or........maybe someone can give you some advice on how to deal with the PDL's. Hang in there.
#Alana - Says,

Yes, I hope someone has used them. I will give them a call and post back here.
#fireyone - Says,

I have not heard of this place but I do not have payday loans either. Did you check the Better Business Bureaus website and see if there was anything listed there about them? I would be sure to look into the company fairly well before signing up for anything. I would suggest checking BBB website , doing an iternet search on them and calling them just to get some information. I would also say check back here because someone may have dealt with them. After you have done all your homework then you can make an informed decision. If you do go with them and they help you or you are pleased with them drop back in and let us know. Getting first hand information from others is a good way to ehlp others.
#alana - Says,

I called the payday loan help number, and it was disconnected, so I then called Langhorne. Although I did read some negative feedback about them on this website, I also read some positive feedback. I am going to give them a try. I live in NC, and they assured me that they did work with this state. I am going to the bank in a little while and close my account. My payments to Langhorne won't start until next month. There are fees, but in the long run, I will save a lot of money! I have four Internet cash loans along with a storefront loan. I can handle that one on my own. I will keep you posted and I will certainly come back to hear some feedback!
#Alana - Says,

Thanks for the feedback. Langhorne specializes in payday loan consolidation, and they have recevied some complaints. I found some info on the BBB site. However, I wrote to Langhorne just now and told them that I looked forward to doing business with them. I also mentioned that I had looked them up at the Better Business Bureau site.
I will let everyone know how it goes!

#goodnatured - Says,

Must feel good to have a plan of action under your belt. I had some pay day loan issues and that is how I found the debt forum, which eventually lead me here. I wish you luck and if you need any advice, I have experience under my belt when dealing with some of these. Please let me know, I will share information with you.
#fireyone - Says,

Good natured, how did you finally get caught up on all the payday loans? Was their any legal way you got them from collecting all that high interest? I see many people here who are struggling with this issue and once you get under the trap how do you go about getting out? It seeems like an endless circle. What happens if you just quit paying them? Will they then turn around and try to settle the debt?
#Alana - Says,

Thanks for the feedback, Good Natured. Wow-I closed out my bank account and opened a new one yesterday. I left enough money in there to clear one check I thought would be coming in, and also enough for NSF fees which I thought would happen when the payday lenders tried to get their money. Well, my account is in the negative now because the payments were forced through! Not by the lenders, but by the bank. They looked at the money that was in my account at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. It's weird. THe lady at the local branch had never heard of this happening. Now I owe the bank, and the lenders will not call until next month! I guess there's some relief in that!
#Justin - Says,

Can you explain the matter to me a bit clearly. Is it that the creditors have taken out extra money that they actually owe from your bank account. If this is the case, then you should immediately contact your creditor. But if it has been withdrawn by the bank you should immediately contact the bank and get the money back into your account.
#Alana - Says,

Thanks for the support. I thought the money should go back into my account. I'm working on trying to get that resolved. I left $85 in there to cover the NSF fees and one check to a vet's office. In spite of this balance, three lenders got their money because the bank let them through. The local branch said that the processing dept. was looking at the money in the account as of 2:00 that day. It still doesn't make sense to me. I'll look further into this.
#fireyone - Says,

It doesn't sound quiute right to me either. I think you should pursue this matter with your bank. It doesn't seem quite right that they should push these payments through. Were the creditors suppose to take the money out or did they take it out to early? If the account was closed none of it should have been pushed through.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

I agree with what FIREYONE is saying. If your bank account WAS closed, the 'debit' would be sent back to whoever tried to put them through. You wouldn't even SEE it.
#Guest - Says,

I have taken two payday loans and now I am not in a position to repay them as I do not have a job. Will it affect my credit score if I do not pay right now.
#Justin - Says,

Yes, if you have taken a payday loan and do not repay, the creditor may report the debt to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will list the debt in your credit report which will lower your credit score. Since payday loans has astronomical rate of interest, you should always pay off this loan else you may fall in debt trap. For this you can either take a cash advance from your employer or go for debt consolidation loan. However, you can get a debt consolidation loan only if you have a good credit score.
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