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#vkymonkey - Says,

I want to take my name off of an auto loan with my ex, is that possible and how would that affect my credit score?
#fireyone - Says,

If you are on this loan as a co-signer then you can not take your name off until the loan is paid back in full. A bank will not remove a name from a loan because if one defaults on payments then they have another person to go after. Plus your income probaly went into figuring out the loan payments. Is the vehicle close to being paid? Is the payments behind? If the payments are behind it will really effect your credit score. You could ask your ex to take out a personal loan if he can to pay off the remaining amount and then sign it over to him..this would not effect your credit but will look good because the loan was paid off early..unless the payments are behind.
#carol - Says,

Hi Vky
If you have signed the loan agreement with your EX, then you cannot remove your name from the agreement. Your liability towards the auto loan will automatically expire once the debt is repaid in full. Now, because the loan is taken jointly by both of you, your credit score will also be affected along with your EX if the debt is not repaid back in time. Moreover, if you do not pay off the debt and the creditor after repossession of the car is not able to recover the entire outstanding amount, he can bring judgment against both of you and can recover the debt by garnishing wage of any of you.

#freda - Says,

how can I sell a vehjcle to my son that is inmy name or can I add him to the loan
#dharris - Says,

If I can't take my name off as a co-signer with my ex , how will my credit improve? I can't buy a home because he make sure he's late every month just to hold me back. I can't take my name off this auto loan?
#fireyone - Says,

Unforetunatley until the loan is paid off you may be stuck with your name on it. You maybe able to go to court and sue for the car and if so you will have to take over possesion of the car and pay it up. All the financial responsibility would then be yours. I would visit a court house or magistrates office and inquire there.
#donedeal - Says,

I have the same issue and even went to court to reqest my namr be removed from the car, which I am the co-signer for. The judge said I'd have to go down to the DMV and remove my name from the car's title and registration and they call the cars lean holder and see what I can do. But there is nothing but to refinance. I want my name off the car.. BADLY!! And I dont want it either but what if I refinance it and remove her and that why I can sell it or get rid of it. My ex wife uses my son against me with this issue.. she wont refinance. wat can i do?
#carol - Says,

Hi donedeal

I am afraid refinance is the only option and if your ex wife refuses to refinance, I believe there is no way out. This is as far as my knowledge goes. Maybe you could try to convince her when the time is good Smile

#kimmystar - Says,

my car is almost paid off and I am being garnished. my question is once the car is paid can they touch my car.
#jenny - Says,

I am the co-signer of my daughters car loan. I want to remove her name from the loan and become the signer. - can this be done?
#sara - Says,

i think refinance will help you as you are co signer.
refinance is better option in this scenario.

#sdchargers_63 - Says, your daughter NOT making payments, on the loan? Did you get the loan from your 'personal' bank, etc? If the loan was given from a place where you know the people well, and they KNOW YOU are the only one making payments on it, then it IS possible to change the loan: from you being co-signer to you being the 'sole' person. I agree with the re-financing option, in this case.
#Justin - Says,

It largely depends on the lender, whether or not he will grant the permission to remove the name of a cosigner. However, if the primary account holder is paying the monthly payments timely, then there is a possibility that the lender might agree to do this.
#brownsugar10 - Says,

If my brother is gonna refinance my car in his name...can the insurance still be in my name??
#sdchargers_63 - Says, still can have the Insurance in your name. Just a curious question..why can't the Insurance be in your brother's name? Can he NOT get Insurance?
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