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#needshelp - Says,

Can someone advise of how to have entries that are listed Credit Report but already paid removed?

Needs Help

#scott - Says,

According to the Fair credit reporting Act, you cannot remove a negative listing from your credit report if it is correct and it stays in your report for seven years from the date of your last missed payment towards the debt. However, the creditors sometimes agree to remove the listing from your credit report if you agree to pay off the full amount of the debt. But this happens only if you can make the creditor agree to pay for deletion agreement before you pay off the debt in full. Now, since the debt has been fully paid, it is very difficult to make them agree to remove it from your report.
#Mary - Says,

Yes, since you have paid off the debt in full, your credit report will only show it as "paid" against the debt. You cannot remove it because the creditor has already got back the debt from you and so they do not have any incentive to remove the negative listing from your credit report. Pay for deletion agreement should always be made before you pay off the debt and should always be in writing.
#fireyone - Says,

This still will not remove the original creditors marks from the posters credit report. Yes it can take away the collection companies if they ask for a pay for delete but orifinal creditor stays on.
#goodnatured - Says,

I am dealing with one now that has agreed to remove it instead of update it. I told him that I would pay the amount in one chunk if he agreed to this and I want it in writing. We will deal with it on friday, payday!!!!!
#fireyone - Says,

Have you any update on this? I am going through the same thing about with an old doctor bill. It is such a small amount and was suppose to be covered by my insurance but the claim was not put through correctly and I didn't find out until later that it didn't go through/ It was an error on their part so I am hoping they will just take it off but I doubt it.
#fatherbride - Says,

Sorry to say but under the FCRA section Running of Reporting Period - Section 605 [15 U.S.C. § 1681c] you will have to wait for the entry to reach the maximum reporting time. As of December 29, 1997 the reporting period runs 7 ½ years (7 years plus 180 days) from the date (month and year) of the last delinquency (known as "last missed payment:).

BUT, because it has been paid it will affect your score less and less as time goes by. Better a paid balance then one listed as a "derogatory" such as in collections, or charged off.

Hope this answers your question

#Deb - Says,

Hi everyone. So glad to find this site.
Well, last year I wanted to buy a house. I'm a single woman so there is no other income but mine. Anyway, I checked my credit report and found a couple of things on there. I paid those things and then the bank told me I had to wait a year and apply again.

My lease is up in October. I checked my credit report again and now there are a few other things on there. Seems like if you pay something off, they find something else. It isn't a huge amount of money, but I'm worried that if I pay those items, something else will pop up and I feel that I am throwing money away. The items I owe are a couple of utility companies from about 4 years ago. Do you think they would agree to a Pay to Delete letter? Would they send me a letter of proof that the items were paid? A realtor told me that a letter of proof would be enough for the bank.
Another thing,
I filed for Bankruptcy in 2005. I did not include my car, but kept it and paid it off. On my credit report it states that the car was included in the Bankruptcy. But is also shows that it was paid.
I don't know what to do at this point.

#Justin - Says,

As far as your bankruptcy listing is concerned, you can dispute it with the credit bureaus. You can provide them with a copy of the discharged bankruptcy order and tell them that the car was not included under bankruptcy and that you have paid for it in full. The bureaus on getting the dispute letter will remove the item from bankruptcy in your report after verifying the same.
#carol - Says,

Hi Deb
Can you tell me the name of the state from where you have the outstanding utility bills? Since the utility bills are due for 4 years, you first need to check whether the SOL on the debt has expired or not. If the SOL has expired, you need not pay it off. If it has not expired, then first go for debt validation to be sure whether the creditor or the CA who has listed the debt in your report actually owns the debt. Only if they validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of the DV letter, you can ask for pay for deletion agreement. If they cannot validate the debt, you need not pay off the debt to the CA.

#Deb - Says,

I posted but never saw it show up.
I'm in Ohio. I've paid most of my debts that are on my CR. It brought the score up somewhat. I called the collections department that has the utility debt which is only $86 and they said that the Utility company took it back in 2006. So I'm wondering why is still shows under their company name.

#carol - Says,

Since the name of the collection agency is showing on your credit report, and they say that they the debt has been passed over to the original creditor, you can dispute the listing with the credit bureaus. The bureaus will get it verified with the CA and get the CA listing removed from your credit report.
#sdchargers_63 - Says, can dispute those listings with the CRA's,but...sometimes it's difficult to do. I had an debt that both the OC and the CA were showing I owed the debt. So..that was almost double the debt. I disputed the CRA's and told them the CA owned the debt now and the OC doesn't have the account anymore. Well, to make a long story short, the OC validated the debt to the CRA. I don't know how they could have possibly done that when they no longer owned the debt. It took a long time for me to get the debt removed under the OC.
#ColourMeRosie - Says,

I paid a debt that is now showing as a charge off on my credit report. How do I fix that??
#Britney Daniella - Says,

Had a stroke at 37 years old and have not been able to work for 2 years with a low probability of ever returning to full-time work. I was without income for 18 months until finally receiving my employer LTD benefit (less 30% legal fees). I have not been able to keep up with credit card payments for the past year (had no idea Cigna would give me the runaround like they did). However, I received a lump sum back payment plus a monthly reoccurring payment of 60% of my previous income. I was not sure if I should settle my credit cards at this point. I owed Chase, B of A, Discover and Citi. Chase is by far the largest balance of Approx. $20K. I have explored bankruptcy, but I have some income producing real estate assets I cannot protect and even my paid for vehicle is above the state limit for exemption. While I was researching about credit repair I read good reviews about Hack West and decided to cast my burden upon them. The good news is that they fixed my credit in less than 15 days and cleaned up the negative items from my report including the debt I owed. I don’t know how to appreciate them enough. Here is there contact: (424) 307 2638 / HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM.
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