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#syfree67 - Says,

I have a credit score of 732 and I wan to keep it above 700.
I have several store credit cards and would like to close 2 to 3 or maybe 4 of them, would closing these affect my score? and how many do you advise me to close?
Thank you for your answer.

#Mary - Says,

Yes, if you have a good credit history on these cards, then closing the credit cards would definitely lower you credit score because credit history which constitutes 35% in your FICO score would be lost as soon as you close down your cards. If you want to close some of these cards, try to close down the new cards which do not have a credit history, but never close down old cards.
#Meyra - Says,

No it should not. Do you mean cash adnvcae from your credit card? As long as you pay your credit card before or by the due date you should be fine. Why do you need to pay the car off so fast? you can always make your minimum payment on the car loan till your money hits the bank.
#Lazaro O'Connell - Says,


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