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#roocky - Says,

CBNA (Credit Bureau of North America, LLC) is a collection agency headquartered in Tennessee, USA. Though it has an A rating from the BBB, it's not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business. The acronym (CBNA) may also stand for Citibank North America. Read on to know what you should do when you're contacted by Credit Bureau of North America or Citibank North America.

What should you do if it's an old debt you haven't paid off?

If the collection agency (CA) or the bank is contacting you about an old debt, you should first check whether or not the Statute of Limitations (SOL) on that debt has expired. If it has expired, then the creditor or the CA cannot file a lawsuit against you to collect the unpaid amount. However, the creditor or CA may still use other out-of-court means to collect on the debt.

Before you make any payments to CBNA, you should negotiate with them to settle your debts if your financial situation doesn't permit you to repay the outstanding balance in full. Whatever option you choose, it is advisable that you negotiate a "Pay for delete" agreement. This means that the creditor/collection agency will remove all information on this account from your credit report(s) once you settle or pay off the debt in full. If the CA or the creditor doesn't agree to one, then at least try and negotiate for a "Settled as agreed" status on your credit report.

What if you've paid off the debt but it shows up on your report?

If you've paid off the debt but it's not reflected on your credit report as "Paid", then you should dispute it with Citibank North America or Credit Bureau of North America, LLC. You should send a dispute letter to the credit bureau asking them to correct the inaccurate listing. Or, you can contact the creditor or collection agency and ask them to co-ordinate with the bureaus on your behalf. The account should appear as "Paid" on your credit report.

What should you do if you don't owe the debt at all?

If you don't owe the debt and a collection agency is attempting to collect on it, then you should ask them to validate the debt. To do so, you should send a debt validation letter to the CA via fax or certified mail. However, if you're trying to deal with the creditor, then you must ask them to verify your account.

Sometimes you may find a listing on your credit report from a creditor when you don't have an account with them. In this situation, you need to dispute the account with the CA/creditor or the credit bureaus to get the incorrect item deleted from your credit reports.

How can you contact Credit Bureau of North America, LLC?

Credit Bureau of North America's contact information is:

Credit Bureau of North America, LLC
200 Creekside Dr.
Dickson, TN 37055

Phone No. - (615) 446-7128

Fax: (615) 446-2111

#Guest321 - Says,

CBNA is Credit Bureau of North America and is a collection agency. If you find them on your credit report, it means that they have purchased any of your outstanding debts from the creditor. You should send a debt validation letter by certified mail and wait for their response. You can send debt validation letter at the following address:
P.O. Box 550, Dickson, TN. 37056

#Mary - Says,

You can also call them at their toll free number 800-397-2128.
First check out the debt which they have purchased. Then go for debt validation. If they properly validates the debt, you can negotiate with them for a discount on the outstanding debt amount if the debt is large and pay it off. If you can pay them off in full, you should negotiate with them for a PFD agreement so that as soon as you pay off the debt in full, the negative item gets removed from your credit report.

#anon - Says,

CBNA also stands for Citibank North America - do you have a line of credit with Citi Bank? The line of credit I have with Citi is report under CBNA, I would expect this to be the case for you as well.
#kate@goldrushrecruiters.c - Says,

I just got a call from CBNA saying they assumed my debt from a business credit card (had to close up business due to the failing economy). I haven't received any kind of letter or information in the mail from them. If they are legit and I can work out a deal, how do I get the negative credit damage repaired for this debt. And how to I verify that the money I send them is really going to clear this debt? I'm definitely skeptical.
#Brazilnut - Says,

I found that on my report and believe kate is right, it may be the credit line unpaid with Citibank plus account.
#Aaron - Says,

Hi Kate,

I think you need to send them a debt validation letter. Send the letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt. You will get a sample validation letter at .



#Guest - Says,

CBNA has been bought out by a company in Calif. dont know any of the details on it, but I do know first hand that CBNA has let all but 3 employees go.
#miguel a velez - Says,

i don't know if the debt is from citibank plus account or some other unpaid account #1003-5138

#Ronald Ostrove - Says,

I have a dispute noted on my credit report under jkeep/cbna. What does this mean?
#deborah green - Says,

CBNA is on my credit report. I am trying to refinance and BOA wants an explantion and I have not idea what this is. Help please.
#Sam-I-Am - Says,

To answer your questions: CBNA appears on my report for two of my Citi credit accounts:

1. A Citi "Checking Plus" revolving credit account, which is attached to my checking account to offer easy access to credit / cash advances

2. A Citi Business Credit account

I also have two ordinary Citi personal credit cards, which just appear as CITI on my credit report. Hope that helps.

#K Linda 0210 - Says,

I was going thru my credit report and see an account opened in 2007, It shows the account as an open account however I have no means to call them as they do not post a phone number, there is no balance from what I can see, how do I go about closing this account I only have the partial account number they have posted on my credit report, is there anyway to reach these people directly. I did not have anything thru CBNA or citibank in 2007 who can I contact.
#Mia - Says,

My credit report shows CBNA,-revolving charge account, with a Sioux Falls, ND address and no phone number. There is a zero balance , but could it still hurt mu credit rating? I do not know who this could be.
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