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#shekhar - Says,

Hi everybody,

I am searching for answer to this question on this forum.

How can improve my Credit Score faster ?

Can any one help me to know that how can i improve my credit score faster.
If anyone know answer for this question please help me to know that.

I will hope, You will give me satisfied answer to this question.
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#cbass1017 - Says,

Hello Shekhar,

There are actually many answers to your question but a lot of it will depend on the kind of credit you have right now.

If you have any lines of credit with high balances on them paying them down to atleast 30% or below of your available limit will increase your credit score quickly.

If you have any really past due or charged off accounts you could request a pay for delete to have them completely removed from your credit score.

You can also send debt validation letters to any Collection Agencies who are reporting on your credit report with the hopes that they will not be able to produce your original agreement binding you to the debt they claim you owe.

These are just a few examples. Others may be around shortly to offer their advice as well. Any additional information about what is on your credit reports would also be very helpful.

Good luck.

#GarySnober - Says,

Hi, as stated above keeping ur entire debt to limit below 30% is great. But to improve your score it takes time. Credit history and credit lenght makes up a big portion of your fico score. Paying all your bills on time really helps out.
#carol - Says,

It is not possible to improve your credit score faster. It is a time taking process and you need to have patience in order to improve your score. For improving your score,
Firstly you need to dispute and remove the incorrect listings from your credit report like delinquent accounts and unauthorized hard inquiry listings.
Secondly, you need to pay off all the outstanding debts either by settling the debt for less or by paying it off in full. Doing so you can reduce your debt to income ratio, which will help you to improve your score.

#sdchargers_63 - Says,

Here's a bit more advice, as well...............there are 'companies' out there that CLAIM they can "fix" your credit very quick. Watch out for these companies...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It does take time to build/re-build your credit. may want to see what the 'fall-off' dates are on your debts (look on your Credit Report). When the debts 'fall-off' , this will help raise your score, as well.
#GarySnober - Says,

yes these companies are rip offs, they will take your money upfront and never do anything to help you.
#sdchargers_63 - Says,

(Am I the only one having trouble with Credit Magic Forum..I mean,.....sometimes it freezes my computer when I try and go on the Forum?!) Remember....there is no 'Magic' way to repair your credit. If the SOL's, on debts, have expired then don't pay on the debts. Try to get Validation on what you have...if you can't, then send a letter to the CB's stating no Validation was given and see if they will remove the debt. 'One step at a time.'
#GarySnober - Says,

Getting good credit score takes time and cannot be raised in a little amount of time. Pay your bills on time and keep your entire debt under 35-40% and over month period of time your score will go up.
#Firang - Says,


Apart from above advices I will add some more points to it.

How much do you owe currently for the credit card alone? R u really paying your credit card bills now? (I mean are you current)

you haven't mentioned any credit score details about you.That will give a better idea.

Monitor your credit report regularly as most of the time it is a crucial thing to do. Arrow Arrow Arrow

#GarySnober - Says,

Yes just pay ur bills on time and keep ur balance to limit under 30% and over time ur score will increase over time.
#shekhar - Says,

Hello Everybody.

(Yes just pay ur bills on time and keep ur balance to limit under 30% and over time ur score will increase over time.)

Hi GarySnober,

Thanks for reply me. I has paid my all bill before the due date & i maintaining my credit cards bills very careful. Here i know that the when i wants to increase my credit score so never apply for new CC. It will effect on your credit score. I will follow your tricks. Thanks Again.

Now my credit score is 590. Which credit score called high credit score.
Any one can tell me about that. I wants to apply for new loan so i need to make my credit score best. Thanks for your passions.

Thanks & Regards.

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#GarySnober - Says,

HI, what kind of loan are you trying to apply for and get? In this market and current economy the term high fico score is alot more then what it use to be. 740+ is a good score right now. Seems really high but its not impossible to achieve if you follow the correct steps. Conventional loans for mortgage loans are 720+ and FHA loans are around 620. Auto loans ive heard are pretty strict right now like 700 min fico score to get a reasonable rate.
#Firang - Says,

Hi visa Vs master Card,

Your score of 590 is not a good score when it comes to current economic my proposition is you should concentrate on increasing your
credit score and then you can surely go for the loan you best needed.

If you are planning for the unsecured personal loan then you need to have at least 700 score in order to get a good interest rate for loan.

keep us informed.

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#winnable - Says,

There are literally hundreds of credit repair websites and a lot of them try to guarantee success but the reality is most of them are just a waste of money. They use methods of repairing your credit you can do yourself if you simply google credit repair templates. Their process is very lengthy and requires months and even years to get a lot of things removed and sometimes the bad marks can come back as some companies are very persistent, especially if you still owe them money.

The only guaranteed method to repair your credit is to pay off the old bills and get your derogatory balances to $0. "Well that isn't very helpful" is probably what you are saying. Since none of us just have cash laying around to do that there are other things you can do that are guaranteed to increase your FICO score practically overnight and start rebuilding your credit.

It's actually very simple. Sign up for Millennium Secured Credit Card and send them $300. Buy $90 worth of groceries on it and make the payments. Keep the balance under $90. Then sign up for and get a $10,000 unsecured credit card, buy something and make the payments. Do a google search for USA Shopping Club and sign up with them for $12,500 unsecured credit card buy something and make the payments, Eclub USA and get your $3,500 credit card and finally Horizon Gold and get your $500 credit card.

Once all of these companies report to the credit bureaus you are going to see an immediate increase in your FICO score. Guaranteed. Then you can work on getting the bad marks paid off and removed. It's much easier to get them permanently deleted if you don't owe them any more money.

#T. Ishmael - Says,

Does having these secured cards and paying as suggested really improve one's FICO score?
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