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#Jamie - Says,

Do these credit card providers not pull your credit report? I'm rebuilding my credit history but don't want any more inquiries on my report.
#carol - Says,


To stop credit companies from making further inquiries on your report, you could sign up for the Opt Out Program in the main consumer reporting bureaus.

Check out

#sunnyca - Says,

You can ask the credit agencies to block any credit enquiry

That way no one can runa report against it

#marcusandila - Says,

I've heard of the opt out pre-screenings, but never knew that you could block inquiries through the credit bureaus!
#fireyone - Says,

I did not know that one either. If Jamie is looking to apply for a credit card but does not want the company to pull his report ( I am wondering if this was his main question) then he may not be able to secure the card. Credit card companies pull your credit report so that they see what kind of credit history you have and the length of it,. They do not want to take the chance of giving credit to someone whom does not pay their bills. A little security goes a long way.
#debranewell2008 - Says,

Hi Jamie,

If you knew what your credit score was before they pulled your report you could tell them and most likely they can tell you if you are going to be approved are not. That way it would save on pulling your report and lowering your score for nothing.

#marcusandila - Says,

That's what I did when I wanted to buy a car. I actually printed out my credit report & took it with me car shopping. That way I would only have my credit ran if I really wanted the car & they pretty much gave me a rough idea of payments and what I could afford without running my credit report; of course if I did buy a car-they would have to run my credit. Same with you, if you DO want to get a credit card, they will run your credit.
#fireyone - Says,

Marcus, That is a really great idea! I am surprised no one has mentioned that before. It seems like an idea that would be easily thought of but who really does. Printing your report before going car shopping is a great idea to keep all those inquiries from appearing on your report. I would just make sure it was recent so it showed the actual date. Also I know some auto companies who will pull your report and then call around for the best lender. I had this dome recently and they just faxed them a copy of the report they pulled. This saved from nemerous inquires from showing up. A person could also suggest this.
#debranewell2008 - Says,

I pulled my credit report when I was shopping for my mortgage five years ago. So when I called I told them over the phone what my score was 640 then. Most of them of course turned me down. But one didn't I knew I was going to have a hard time and that would have been a lot of inquiries for nothing so that's why I decided to do it. I hope it helps lots of people when trying to borrow money for what ever reason.
#marcusandila - Says,

fireyone, my boyfriend told me to do it that way. he's older than me & more experienced in the credit & debt department lol. I never thought of them faxing it. I DID consider buying a Mercury Milan Premier [It was wonderful!!] & had him run my credit report for financing. Then changed my mind and opted for a "buy here-pay here" place that I have known the people for years & many have dealt with them before.

Still got a dependable vehicle, but will only be paying on it for 2 years instead of like 5 & No interest. So, I think I made the better decision financially. Someday, when I need to purchase a new car- I'll have to remember the faxing part. That's a fantastic idea!

Debra, I did that for my mortgage loan officer; as well. Gave me a good idea as far as payments & such. Then, when I agreed...He ran the credit report.

#debranewell2008 - Says,

I know there are a lot of great ideas on the forum. And with us being in the situation that we are in trying to repair our credit so we can raise our scores or what ever the reason maybe all these things come in handy so you don't end up lowering your score again after all the hard work of fixing the problem.
#Sanna - Says,

Improve your credit score, relaly? This is something not encouraged by Dave Ramsey because the FICO score is not something you should worship. it does not mean you are winning financially. A good credit score simply means you love to borrow money that isn't yours! The borrower is slave to the lender. Pay off your debt, save for purchases, retire with dignity, Dave Ramsey will show you how!!!!!
#Thushara - Says,

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#matzcrorkz - Says,

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#cryptech - Says,

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